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Will Trudeau ditch green ideology or NAFTA?


Now that President Trump has said he’ll take another stab at renegotiating NAFTA, Brian Lilley cautions Trudeau about his blind adherence to the green ideology. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/the_trade_war_is_on_can_trudeau_trump_the_donald
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  1. I hope Trudeau stays out of this and sends some competant people to negotiate. He hasn't got a clue about anything in the real world. He hasn't worked at a real job, got an education or has had to worry about putting food on his familys table.

  2. Jihadi Justin is nothing but a moronic, cartoonish, wannabe thug. I vote we lock him and Nancy Pelosi in a room and let them entertain each other and leave the rest of the world alone. I swear, the demoncrats need a diaper change, a burping and a Binky before NAPTIME. This garbage is getting so stale.

  3. I know your supporting Canada, but seriously, your one of the best when it comes to info. You don't portray either side badly in economics, just their decisions for what they are. Thank you.

  4. Trudeau won't do anything because he like his gay Daddy hates Canada and he's doing everything he can like Daddy to destroy it. look at the real history of Daddy.

  5. I grew up just walking over a bridge to Canada and spent every summer in Canada at the beaches.  Visited Toronto and Montreal and loved Canadians until today. I have no respect for Trudeau and the stupid moronic Canadians that elected him. You Canadians elected a pussy child man pulling on womens skirts for approval. I hope Canadians get their face shoved in the mud. You suck as a country. Canadians have turned into a bunch of Shariah loving muslim arse kissers, social justice warriors, radical anarchist feminists and Marxists. Trade with the rest of the world. I hope Trump closes every door and shuts Canadians out.

  6. PM Zoolander will of course hold onto his green shit and abandon NAFTA.I am totally in agreement with Trump that the Milk Marketing system needs to be scraped…..completely. I also agree the whole stumpage and other stupidity in the logging industry needs to be rethought. If you look at the privately held forests under Irving where there is no government medaling…they are virtually unaffected by this.As for taxes, we have to match what they do to allow the table to remain level.PM Zoolander is on the wrong track….very wrong

  7. we can dump the USA but it will hurt. we need to find trading partners and not abusive relationships like that with the USA.

    The USA makes $240 billion on our oil while we make only $2.4 billion and it's not there oil!

    If we do not give in they will hurt us. the government should stick with green because it's a health issue in cities.

    Canada needs to push toward China and Russia – dump the Rothschild bank and kick out Soros NGO'S.

    the USA is a bully read about the orange plan of ww2. they also try ed to annex our north but thanks to China and Russia the USA failed in the UN to pass the resolution. the USA is a satanic government the poor good people in the USA to be traped in that evil.

  8. I am not gonna let justin handle this shits against trump… justin will mading stupid mistake by give in dont know how to handle trump! i perfer froce trump to wait for our new next presdent who can handle trump! and not let trump trying get canada under his contorl there no way for trump to tell canada whats to do… trump said mexico and canada is doing so good and america are not which is fucking bullshit! so far canada is not doing so good either mexico by america. contorl canada and mexico for years! always been america tell canada what to do… or whatever they dont like what canada made they will call in canada and complaining. tell us that we cannot do this shits blah blah… that fucking america! we dont like america trying getting in our way. or tell canada what to do… fuck you america! america already fucking rich country in the world why fuck complaining? canada is not rich… america have tiillion billion billion dollars. canada only have at less no more then 15 billion… america what? fuck you… 999 fucking billion… so you all call us unfair deal? lol wtf! fuck off will you trump? back off!

  9. Our state trade organization has already voted to remove Canadians goods from top of our lists. I voted against it, but it had almost 83% approval voting. Other states are doing the same, mostly in the northeast and all along the southwest. It may seem like a small number but those state account for 65% of all imports in lumber from Canada.

  10. The Republic of Western Canada is starting to look real good. I am very tired of eastern Canada running my life and wasting our tax dollars from the west. The West have been getting screwed since we joined Canada. I think it is time for a divorce and to cut off the money we send to Ottawa to piss away.

  11. You Canadians really need to stop acting like NAFTA hasn't been great for you. You all are the primary beneficiaries of the trade deal, and you always have been.

  12. Quit fear mongering. Canada will always trade with the USA, it always has. NAFTA was always about the cheap labour available to large companies in Mexico and that is what happened they moved south to exploit it. Review history some and see what was said back when we got into NAFTA, much of it turned out to be correct. Wages are less, jobs are fewer and Unions have much less power now than then.
    If Trump terminates then there will be a trade agreement between Canada and the USA made. We are each others largest trading partner and that will never change. It is not in any ones benefit for it not to be so,

  13. y'know I'm actually hoping Trudeau wins this war —- that would be good for Canada. The US currently has the surplus in our trade agreement. Trump wants to have an even bigger surplus. When he says NAFTA is unfair he means unfair for Mexico and Canada. A lot of people don't like Trudeau BUT we should be routing for him to win this one — shouldn't we????????

  14. So what is this jack ass saying here……yes we should do what ever Trumps wants? Let Trump run this country too? Fuck Trump fuck the USA and the trade with them as well if need be. All will hurt on BOTH sides of the border if NAFTA is scrapped so NO threat there as I see it. I am a Canadian and if this site/page was anything "rebel Canadian" it would be saying the same period. Not calling for Canada to start bowing to the great orange baboon to the south. Leader of the most recent FAILED DEMOCRACY on the planet. The leader of the laughing stock of the world. Just some US/Conservative shill here and not worth listening too

  15. Oh here is a thought for you all here. If Trump continues on these lines ,pissing off trading partners, world wide we may just be sharing our border with the free market version of the USSR should he keep up his America first/protectionist ideologies.

  16. The carbon tax is bullshit, it was designed to steal money and that is all. Al Gore was handed this carbon bullshit after Bush stole the election from him with Jeb bush in Fla, Gore and Clinton jumped into their jets and flew all over the world selling this carbon offset bullshit, now" I do have some bad news for everyone, If they did not make a global warming believer out of you yet, just wait a little longer, they have a new toy and things are really going to heat up, with the help of HAARP the sun is going to be a huge hit in coming years, and there are plenty of ways as to what use there is going to be, if you think you have never seen a death ray, this thing will blow you away, i mean that in every sense…you can count or rather write me off as some kind of nut but that is ok, you just wait and see what happens in the not so distant future….p.s., keep in mind that 9 trill went missing' how much do you think it cost to geo engineer the skies everyday? how much did this device cost to make in space, people are so bliss, they sent up how many rockets over the past several years and said they were supplies for ISS, why don;t they do live video's anymore? because its how it was fact checked, out of 19 rockets sent up and supplies, only 2 went to space station, the others were dropping their payload in an area and assem. new tech in creating weather change as well as the largest weapon ever created by man…last year was the most anyone had ever seen in weird shit going on in the sky, I mean people seeing 2 suns and saying it was hunters moon, ok fools, a hunters moon would appear at night not in the middle of the day, the reason why there were 2 suns is this device was being put into its orbit and as it was traveling it was reflecting the sun off itself and' due to the shape it appeared as another sun…I am sorry I don't have the video that showed this device on SECCHI sat, the video was not up long enough for me to realize what it actually was….there are reasons for everything, we know this and for this to happen in our orbit is not just some bullshit, I believe we are going to see what the hell they are up to 1st hand. HAARP is going to be floating these days as to be able to use the sunlight from anywhere in the world, here is something I wonder about, how many folks have noticed that if" you are an avid game player did you notice that every game you own was updated changing the way the sky looked in the game…I have been looking into this for some time and I don't see any other reason for what has been taking place, from missing passenger planes to dead birds falling from the sky and even dead fish washing up on shore, HAARP is at the center of it all, china, usa, russia, UK, everyone one of them have a HAARP program and every one of them had to create a grid , it is what took place at they fired this thing that you have to think about….we can either look into this or just forget about it as most always do, in the end its not them that will suffer in any way shape or form, it is you, me, and everyone else that happens to get in the way at the wrong time….btw, when those jets went missing" china was making a grid for HAARP, you will never be able to prove their HAARP took down the jets but I hope it makes you wonder…..

  17. Listen, we're trying to help you out. When your self destructive government runs out of money to give to OUR enemies,aka "refugees" , you'll have us, first to blame for your problems, then thank, when you realize that this might have saved western civilization for you.

  18. I am thinking hard about moving down South because this Country is going to hell and Trudeau is fast tracking it soon Canada will be a Islamic welfare state with the Carbon tax and all the other crap the Liberals want to ram down our throats there is going to be no jobs because it will be cheaper in the usa and living costs will be so high the only one's that will be making money is the government because we will be taxed to death or murdered by one of Trudeau's illegal Muslims

  19. to bad canada usa rules were the super power don't you forget it either you little bitches you just keep sucking on usa dick canada how's your Sharia law coming about five years you'll be sucking their dick too that's what you get faggets