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Why Is This Real?


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  1. I kinda feel like she had a reasonable point . Not that theirs not complete differences. But she is just voicing that she hates it when people preach. I didn't watch her whole video, but im not seeing anything where she says you can't preach or bitch. she's just saying fuck you you aren't better than me. Kinda cool cuz she's an old crazy lady trying in her own weird way to stand up for herself. Maybe thats just my opinion, well it is but yeah. Whatever , just my opinion. You have a right to say everything too, i guess so does she. but she's weird.

  2. Yea cuz preaching about an ALMIGHTY god. That will throw you into the deepest darkest hole, where you will burn for Eternity. If you do not get a small amount of water placed on your forehead after birth, by some perverted dude in a dress.

    Is the same as preaching that you don't give a fuck about your imaginary friend.