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Why Does Faith Deserve Respect?


Short answer: It doesn’t.


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  1. But Pat you seem to think that you faith in evidence is above all else when no evidence is true for long didn’t einstien disprove newton. Only faith is forever your understanding is a idiots faith.

  2. If religion were to be a human invention, how else would it look but exactly what we have now? God who is supposed to be so powerful is incapable to send a message that all humans would agree with. In fact, God seems to specialise in messages that are so ambiguous, even the believers argue among each other for centuries as to what they mean. God who is supposed to be fair presides over a world where a 5yo child can gets raped and murdered. In the case of Islam, the revelations from god conveniently match the needs of the messenger prophet Muhammad. Such revelations also narrowly fit the society at the time. Most messages from god are never lasting and enduring. They are always context-dependent and self serving to the inner sanctum. Perhaps the funniest part of religious books like the bible and the koran is in the number of contradictions and double standards they hold. They are riddled with it. The most incredible part of the religious fallacy is the diseased minds who believe in god while dismissing a huge body of knowledge in physics, psychology, biology, anthropology and the rest of it, to believe in something that has never gathered a single piece of reliable evidence in thousands of years. Forget all the evidence accumulated to prove evolution. Let's believe in creation for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. Nothing, Nada. The so-called miracles are a tool of deception used by the clergy to keep their position of power over the gullible masses. No wonder they are doing so well in countries where education is low. There has never been a single proven miracle in the history of the world. A real miracle is when you find a spare million transferred to your bank account and the transaction reads "From God with Love".

  3. Hi Pat – first off, love your videos – agree with everything you say. I'm an orthodox Jew. And listening to your most recent talk about faith, I have to point out some problems within your argument. No offense intended, but first off, your conception of faith comes only from your limited experience with Christianity (and a bit from Islam) which are extrapolations (and not particularly good ones) of the original monotheism idea. True monotheism is not about blind faith at all. And it is not anti-reality or anti-science either. Quite the opposite in fact. Of course we have no proof in God. Because in true monotheism God is infinite. If we stop to think about that for a moment, this means there is nothing else at all. Proof can only be examined when you are able to differentiate between 2 separate physicalities: For example, evidence for water is only relevant when you can point to an absence of water. So proof is out of the question here. And to be honest – it would defeat the purpose of life anyway – as I will explain below. An infinite God also means that it is perfect in every way since it lacks nothing. It therefore needs nothing from us – not our worship and certainly not our prayers. So it seems that creation and by extension, faith must be somehow for our own, exclusive benefit. What good would it do me if there were obvious proof of God? It would leave me as a robot – with no free choice and no room for personal growth. The universe is set up according to a certain pattern (which we learn about in Judaism) and with certain rules and both a cyclical and linear progression to history. A sensitive mind, with a little knowledge, will be able to pick up on this pattern within our environment and our lives. We are then faced with a choice – to ignore the 'hints' and 'indications' of God. Or to try to act within them. And by the way, this is a completely personal choice – nobody can determine through dogma or coercion whether you choose to see God within the pattern of the world or decide that its all just by chance. However, in true monotheism our task is to recognize that God is hidden within himself, then build this sensitivity into our environment and our behavior and our interactions with others. Just like the natural world is about growth, so our life task is about growth. Its not about escaping the physical world to some imagined better place – or heaven (as our Islamic friends believe) – its about imbuing the physical WITH the spiritual through sensitivity and effort. Like everything in life, there's no escaping honest hard work! And in the process we learn about the meaning of real happiness – that is, when we see our efforts bear fruit – when we make this world a better place for all of us to live in. Just like God is One, true spirituality is about making humanity One, through unconditional love and peace. But this is where the flower-power generation got it wrong – love and peace requires understanding, effort, self-control and character building – all hard work. The physical – both our own and the world's must be tamed and shaped by human creativity – which is why we are in the 'image' of God. Just like God creates, our task is also to create and improve – through scientific advance, through art, medicine, law and all the tools at our disposal. This is true spiritualism – (and also explains why Jews have won so many Nobel prizes). That was the essential 'eureka' that Abraham, the founder of monotheism discovered – and it is that concept that set Judaism away from the many other forms of spiritualism that existed in ancient times, setting it on a path that set the stage for Western civilization as we know it. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, Christianity and Islam diluted and lost much of that original raison d'etre. Hope this helps to begin a new train of though! Happy to continue the discussion any time! Regards, Sam.

  4. Pat, there is such thing as innate faith, which religions co-opt. Concentrate on that and forget about the sheep. They will never understand. Come on, do you really think you have the monopoly on the understanding of what reality is? What are you? A prophet? Leave them alone. It's a pointless pursuit.

  5. Actually without God there would not be any morals, pat only wants you to accept his reality he is very wrong because he cannot back up what he is saying. Also God did tell him with the Bible.

  6. This man, who has made many observant comments on matters of importance, shares a serious flaw with many other arrogant atheists: He assumes that a belief he doesn't hold is therefore contemptible. (Compare this to the behavior of the apostles of “global warming.”) Make no mistake: that's Condell's attitude toward persons who hold religious beliefs.

    Religious convictions are neither provable nor disprovable. That's their nature. Therefore, the atheist determined to exalt himself over theists can only slather them with contempt. But ask one to prove that God doesn't exist, and he'll get huffy: “I don't have to!” A perfectly adequate rejoinder is: "But you’re the one denigrating me. If you can’t prove your contention, I don’t need to listen to you." Simply smile, and walk away.