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Why Are Atheists Jerks?


This is merely part 1 of my examination of the following questions: Are atheists jerks? If so, why? How does/should atheism interact with other ideologies? What is/was atheism? What is atheism now becoming? What matters more: the cultural past and its imposed traditions, the experience of present or the possibilities of the future?

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  1. nothing wrong with believing in god, because even if god does or doesn't exist, it endorses positivity, most if not all the rules are good templates on how to live life, atheism? all it does is promote disunity and i'm pretty sure judging a person based off their religion and beliefs is illegal. Its shit like this is why the terrorists are gong nuts

  2. the uploader of this video is incorrect, "im posting these videos that are option to watch" thats like trump stating muslims should be kept out of the country but thats just an "OPINION". Abosolute bullshit, if you were rational you would argue both points FAIRLY and list the pros and cons on BOTH

  3. I think some parts of the bible were written for them to be easy to understand, what would happen if God told people about disease, and how it worked? He insted told people to wash their hands or they would be punished, and if someone died of disease that would serve as another reason for them to wash their hands.

  4. that's exactly what you are telling me you fat asshole. you are telling me I should stop believing in god. FUCK YOU. get off your holier than thou preachy soap box. you are the exact atheist asshole that needs to shut the fuck up.

  5. This video in summary:

    Atheist: I'm going to correct you because my views are right, and if you don't censor yourself around me, I'm going to brow beat you, because having any religious views in my immediate area is offensive to me.

    If you don't like that I'm brow beating you with my views and trying to force them down your throat, too bad, you're the asshole for not giving in to my particular brand of religion.

    Yet more proof that Atheism is religion for assholes.

    When an atheist is rude, he's rude. His insistence that his views are right, do not in and of themselves, make him right. And his supposed 'thinking of the future' doesn't magically make him right either. It just makes him a self involved asshat, who gets a boner from forcing his views on others.

    They bitch and moan about there being no evidence of god, but when you ask them to provide evidence that he doesn't exist, they throw a fit and start berating you as a crazy theist ideologue…

    Cause guess what, science can't disprove god. Can't prove him either. That's the point of FAITH. But our views are offensive to the atheist assholes, so they think that, just because faith is offensive to them, they have a right to be snide, pretentious shitstains to anyone with religion. Sorry, no. Your arguments are flawed, and will continue to be flawed. Not because I say they are, but because you have zero evidence to back up your claims, and the superiority complex that were birth from them.

    You're not trying to have discourse, you're trying to force your views on others. And when they object, you get angry and call them names.

    Fucking pathetic.

    But then again, what can you really expect from the most murderous religion in the history of our species…

  6. Do atheists believe in ghosts and super nature? I dont believe in a religion but i dont know if souls, ghosts, energy and those super natural things are real, im 50/50 on those.

  7. LOL I think you did a very good job proving the existence and justifying people's frustration with Atheists. And a point that wasn't brought up but reminder me when you mentioned "rationality" why do all you Atheists simply insist on YELLING or just get LOUDER to get a point across and or debate???

  8. They're assholes because they simply can't take it when they see something that relates to Religion & it just bothers them so much. So they feel the nerve to take it upon themselves & go on Religious forums saying dumb shit like:


    When clearly not everyone, not even one person is gonna give two shits of what they think. These morons don't know when to shut the fuck up & let other's alone. Atheists just need to get over the fact that the world is not about Atheism & everyone has the right to believe in whatever Religion or Belief they want. You can be an Atheist all you want, Just quit with these stupid Atheist advertisements because all you're doing is trying to force people to become Atheist & making yourself look like an gigantic asshat, that goes for Religious people also.

  9. Look, I go to a Christian school and being an Athiest surrounded by God believers can be a little irritating.
    Realistically I don't care if you believe in God. Go ahead.

    My friends are all God believers that are complete assholes. Sure, they're relatively nice, but when it comes to basic stuff you'd reckon Christianity would make them a better person. Realistically I'm the nicest out of all of us, even though I do not believe in a God.

  10. The majority of atheist are real Jerks they are semi educated people often with superiority complex that make arguments that can easily defused from an educated religius person . And then they proceed to mock that person or deny the arguments he makes that why they are jerks

  11. I wonder when the big earthquake in California will occur. When it happens I'm sure the tallest tower in Downtown L.A. will just tumble and thousands will perish. I'll have my phone ready to record.

  12. If you Christians want us to stop being jerks, stop trying to push your unproven belief on us or our children and while your at it, stop pushing it on your own children

  13. this is really rich coming from you since you are a jerk I mean u repeatedly insult people's beliefs without doing proper research and think that they will convert to your way of thinking. I know most athiests are cool. but an ass like shouldn't be making this vidoe it's like an isis member trying to defend islam

  14. can you think of anything more offensive than truth lol? they think we are dicks….because they relentlessly patrol the science threads verbally kweefing uncontrollably…then…. they get their ass handed to them and shamed….so they they turn snowflake and scream victim!!

  15. When atheists try to have honest conversations with religious people, by all means, that does not make them in any way a jerk. But creeping around the internet and trying your hardest to make smug one-liners at Christian's expense is.