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Was The London Apartment Building Lit On Fire By Muslims To Spread More Islamophobia Propaganda?


I know that buildings don’t just flare up on all sides like the one in London Englahnd.

The Left-Wing media out there says it was: faulty engineering and Islamophobia.

The Right? We know it’s deliberate and we are sure it’s a con to get more sympathy for Muslim Invaders…so that England can have MORE Muslim Invaders.

Sick of Islam Yet?

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  1. Daniel Courteau Yes, Kevin needs to lighten up, add some flowers, pansies maybe, set the mood with some nice feminist music & stop telling the TRUTH, RIGHT NOW. Enough of this shit, bow down to Islam, you racists. Humour!

  2. I thought the same thing too. Muslims are getting sneakier and trying to attack us without being able to identify them. I truly fear what will come for us next…

  3. Two things I have to add about this fire, First, The building was a known fire hazard, and Second, it had relatively recent renovations which included new exterior panelling that may have had a dangerously flammable coating which would have helped the fire spread to all sides of the building. I do not believe this was more than a tragic accident, Sorry Kevin, no Islamic attack this time.

  4. Kevin I work on high rise construction when they are built they are built with layers of rebar also by international law you have to use fire resistan concrete and drywall and other materials depends how high the building is remember the more high the building is the more strong by-law they will enforce to the builder 150% this is no accident

  5. also information is available to anyone by looking at the the country's building code true Freedom of Information it can detail the building products use also the companys that installed the products