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Want to improve higher education? Cut public funding


Holly Nicholas explains why Conservative leadership candidate Andrew Scheer’s vow to defund universities that don’t support free speech doesn’t go far enough. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/want_to_stop_cultural_marxist_indoctrination_cut_public_funding_of_universities
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  1. Equality does not exist.
    What needs to be done is simple, destroy money, sounds practical enough, but try it see how it goes?
    In my mind it is almost impossible and the chances are when i'm dead the mortician will take my wallet.
    We have a chance right now to destroy money and I know you might think money has protected your family for the sacrifice of your life to a soul crushing job and their sacrifice and their childrens sacrifice. Where does it stop when will start the next world war start because are resources are slowly depleating. You want to see your loved one die for the noble cause of money, greed and power, do nothing. Please support computer science its really the only hope we have left to defeat such a powerful force. If we fail we will be slaves for all eternity.

  2. Yup, these idiots are everywhere in the U.S, reason why these collages are looked over by conservatives now a days. Most of us are going into to military, so while all the rich faggots are wasting their cash at collages, we're actually supporting the country and shit. It's gonna be fucking hilarious to see 4 years form now all the homeless liberals.

  3. Subsidized universities are unconstitutional anyway, you have a bunch of 18 year old kids and you subsidize some and not others. Unequal under the law and therefore unconstitutional. Case closed.

  4. Has anyone tracked University tuition per relative cost per province compared to unemployment or % of degrees that are less likely to lead to employment? Like if Tuition is lower in one province after cost of living and all other expenses are factored in, does that create a glut of intellectuals with low prospects for gainful employment and a high propensity to agitate against "the system" and lobby for more things to be provided by and paid for by the government?
    From my understanding, the easy, affordable access to post secondary education in France contributes to a problem of a lot of self-entitled thinkers and meddlers and it hampers the economy and competitiveness of France by their affinity for making it difficult to make a profit, pay based on merit and achievement and fire non-productive or inefficient employees.

  5. All I have to say is look at Missouri University, lost over 30% of it's enrollment, had to close 12 of their on campus dorms, lost multiple funds and 75% of it's athletic funds.

  6. I am a Canadian UK resident. I am really out of touch with Canada. I am astounded to learn that Canadian students have the same "I-don't-wanna-hear-it" syndrome that UK students have. I thought Canadians had a better grasp of freedom, and rights to information, but apparently they don't. What are universities for, if they are not for investigation and rational thought?

  7. I send my daughter to university and got back a Marxist – I am hoping the real world will cure her but yeah if I could really have a word with those elitist trash who caused the problem.

  8. instead of racial diversity we should be promoting intellectual and ideological diversity.

    Canada is getting worse and worse and have lost another aspect of freedom of speech and are losing rights to our future with the carbon tax among other taxes.

  9. Excellent Holly…this one hit the nail on the head. CEO's are telling me that they rarely hire degreed people … finding less endoctinated employees to be more ""genuine"" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Exactly. Cut off ALL public funding to the universities. And get rid of their status as charities. Universities are NOT charities. They are for-profit businesses. We also need to get rid of mandatory student union membership. There is no reason you should be required to pay extortion to a student union just to attend a university. All of that money goes to supporting the nihilist traitor Establishment. And there is no reason they should get any of our money.

    We have to declare war on the nihilist Establishment in the universities, fight, and DEFEAT them. They are bunch of Versace welfare-bums. There money comes from us.

    Well, that can change.

    Cut off the subsidies.

  11. cut all funding including student financial aid until the agree to reform, respect free speech and turn them back into education centers rather than indoctrination centers

  12. How do these people get brainwashed so easily? My teachers preached all kinds of shit. I still rolled my eyes and walked out of there thinking and acting for myself. If you look into these people's eyes as they get upset, you'll see they're glazed over and excited with anxiety. Something has been shut off!

  13. Safe space is more sinister than people think. It's presented as a nursery crib but what it really is can be described as totally unlicensed psychiatric encounters between professors and students. Students are to open up about all their inner sexual feelings and social anxieties under the pretense of being "safe". Things get encouraged by power relations within the "safe space". It is far from safe.

  14. Canada spends 1.85% of GDP on R&D while our economic rivals spend 3-4%.  Canada needs to put more into R&D to be economically competitive in a knowledge economy.  Thought police are in Arts faculties and STEM faculties need more resources.  The solution is quite obvious.

  15. Chill the fuck out, it's already hard enough to be a scientist – I can go to wall street and make 400k a year, or stay in physics making 30k a year. You really don't understand the university system at all. If you want to make even a semi-coherent case you could say get the government involved in how university funds are allocated: defund the arts and education programs and give that money to the natural sciences.