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Waking Up with Sam Harris #38 – The End of Faith Sessions 2


In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris reads and discusses the second chapter of “The End of Faith.” However, the first hour of this podcast focuses on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the political implications of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando. Discussion of The End of Faith begins at 1:04:30.

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  1. the notion that clinton's private server was just a simple oversight when you just called her "the most qualified presidential candidate" is absurd. Setting up/maintaining a private server is an elaborate and sophisticated ordeal. We know she was using the office of SOS to funnel money toward the clinton foundation for political favors, something she would want to hide from the american govt. itself. That "whoopsie, my bad" justification is either disingenuous or naive.

  2. Trivial point but true : When I search for my phone's location when the phone is in home, the system comes back with a different address. The system is consistently showing the wrong location.

  3. 45:14 "Anyone who is talking about the AR-15 is advertising their ignorance".
    Sorry, Sam but it is you who is advertising your ignorance.
    You ignore the fact that a .223/5.56mm cartridge are significantly more powerful than any pistol cartridge.
    This is certainly a huge factor ("advantage" from the point of view of the shooter) if you are shooting straight into a mass of people like a club or movie theater. Even more so in a gunfight with the police.
    Ask your Special Forces or SWAT friends to explain this to you before you say something stupid like that.

  4. people argue that we need guns to protect ourselves from an oppressive government. Those same people think it's a good idea to build a border wall. I guess they havnt thought about the fact that a wall has 2 sides.

  5. Have been shocked by Bill Maher, Sam Harris even Peter
    Hitchens not backing Trump. Yes he is a narcissist but so what? He is
    anti radical Islam and trying to slow immigration. The very thing all
    these guys have been ranting about for years. Now the first guy ever to
    bring it up and they dont want it!! Its the same as feminists and sjw's
    being all for rescuing refugees form the other side of the world and
    bringing them over…forgetting that these very refugees culture is
    entirely against everything they stand for and will eventually vote
    against them. Trump says why cant they have safe areas where they are?
    Perfectly reasonable idea! Kuwait, Dubai all these places are rich and
    free and within a few km's and have far more in common ( compared to the distance to America or England ) …why can they move there?

  6. trump has been given a pass on everything, no one else could get by with. Who would've imagined the republican nominee asking the russians to hack his opponent, let alone the threat to have her Jailed. If he wins, we All lose.

  7. So how did that theory of HRC's electability play out for you? She lost to a reality tv star. The problem is how you live in your bubble and are so out of touch with the wave of populous, anti-establishment sentiment that had swept the nation. Hitch would have voted for Bernie.

  8. Delicious podcast, I thoroughly enjoyed consuming it and am currently savoring the aftertaste, swirling delightfully in my brain. By the way you were close regarding 'emunah', just remove the 'y' from your pronunciation.

  9. Do you understand the concept of individual freedoms Sam? I don't understand why you don't believe in the rights of the individual. Small government is best. The small it is, the less negative effects it can have with its corruption. Your liberal ideology is not in keeping with your otherwise consistent commitment to logic.

  10. political correctness is nothing but passive aggressive behaviour. Obama won't speak of Islamic radical terrorist all the while he's raining hellfire missiles down own anyone considered a terrorist in irac. Treating Americans like children who don't need to see the truth. sheltering Americans from the reality of the world we live in is why trump was elected. Democrats should understand they can't hide behind political correctness anymore to win elections. As if being on the side of that makes you a good person.

  11. At roughly 51 minutes, Clinton claims that anyone who cares about the words we use is just engaged in a semantic game………. Seemingly unaware that her and her party care deeply about the words they use…

  12. I think you do some of an injustice saying that you would alienate almost 100% of us by simply stating your opinion. Seems like your stance is extremely rational and well thought out. I personally supported Bernie, but voted Hillary when it became obvious she was the only chance to stop Trump.

  13. Also, a year later and unfortunately your hopes about Donald Trump being non-consequential are wrong. We have not pulled away from the edge and rational minds have not prevailed. Sadly.

  14. Lol! Came upon this almost a year later, and he completely hit the Trump nail on the head! 
    Imagine telling everyone agonising over emails that President Trump was gonna fire the FBI director because of how he was investigating Trump and co's possible collusion with Russia!