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  1. "Verbal Abuse" made me a stronger person.
    Skin hard as Iron and Steel in my Bones.
    My physical body may be weak.
    But my mind, my mind is the mind of a warlord.
    That is what years of "bullying" and "verbal abuse" did to me.
    It made me a strong person, and a fucked up one if having "compassion" and wanting to have children are a requirement for being normal.
    But I care not, for being normal is for normalfags.
    sips coffee
    And with that, I leave to laugh at idiotic matters with my brittish friend who is equally as fucked up as I am.
    Alright, maybe a bit less but that is besides the point.
    See you later chaps.

  2. face palm When will I lose my hope for humanity? When will I lose hope for people wanting to learn but are not aloud to? When will I lose hope for women who just want to make males look bad?… I really don't know if my hope will stay strong forever…

  3. I agree and disagree with this video. Contradictory perhaps but there ya go. Whilst he is correct in stating that verbal abuse isn't the same as real abuse. And he's right. He truly is. If I insulted someone everyday like a total fucking cunt for no reason other than to bully them, then that's a whole fuck of a lot better then if I took a 2 by 4 and whaled on them for about ten or 15 minutes everyday. However verbal abuse can STILL be used for bullying. So in reality we need to temper BOTH of them. They BOTH need to be taken into consideration. However just like how people who are physically abused can stand up for themselves SO CAN verbally abused people. Bullies need to be stood up to. They're cowards who prey on who they perceive to be the weak. And yeah some people are fucktards, no matter where you go there is gonna be a fucktard. Don't take their shit and stand up for yourself and honestly if you can't then whilst you don't really deserve to be verbally abused you're not exactly stopping yourself from being verbally abuse and you're just making the situation worse. OBVIOUSLY the issue more complicated then that and we can discuss it all fucking day but I'd rather just quickly touch on it then go on another one of my patent pending rants. So that's my two cents on the matter.

  4. My mother verbally abused both my father and me. How about that? OK him, not OK me? Or is it OK she abused me AND him? By the way, I was never hurt, I just tuned her out. The only Time I heard her was when she'd say, "You're not listening to me!" I'd say, "Huh"? And we'd go through that again. She'd never learn that I wasn't going to listen to her run on mouth.

  5. Imma need to remember to teach my nephews, nieces and hopefully kids if i have any in the future, that violence is wrong, but when its needed or someone throws a punch, you best get a good shot in regardless of whatever race or gender that person may be

  6. The characterisation of the problem is itself wrong. When it comes to words there are run of the mill insults and there's psychological abuse. The psychological abuse needs to be addressed but not confused with plain, quotidien angry insults.

  7. I agree… in most ways, but I disagree in a very large way.
    But the problem resides in the definition of "abuse". Being called a bitch… ONCE, is not abuse. Sorry, it's not. 
    Being called a bitch loudly, forcefully, with the intent to hurt, on a constant basis, getting in that person's face and screaming at them, and I mean screaming with the might of the capacity of your lungs behind it, that is verbal abuse, and it is terrifying, and emotionally scarring.
    But no, it is not the same as physical abuse. They are totally different things, no they're not the same. They're different, but as damaging in different ways. 
    I understand where you're coming from. I do, but those pictures (not the comments, but the actual pictures) were not depicting an average guy being upset at his girl about dishes and calling her a bitch or a whore as a one time thing, they were about the ongoing very near violent screaming that I know to occur in some relationships. 
    And someone who has been verbally abused the way I've described is still not going to look someone who's been ravaged by someone that they know how they feel because they were verbally abused. It won't happen. Or it might, in which case someone can feel free to run her over with a bus. 
    Point is, I think verbal abuse is, like rape and harassment, been overstated, overused, and women who don't like being insulted at all use it as an excuse to get someone in trouble or to feel they're justified in what they do in return. 
    I do agree on all of the points stated only when the definition is altered to include women being called bitches on occasion when they're being bitches, or when they're in a small argument. That much, I do agree with. 
    Anyway, have a good day. 🙂 
    And don't forget to stay awesome.

  8. The fact that three out of three of the signs all show abuse only traveling from man to woman is obviously pushing an agenda and is not based on reality.  All abuse is wrong.  Being a particular gender doesn't make abuse any better or worse.

  9. Funny thing, my mother verbally abused my father me and my younger siblings. Imagine your own mother saying she owns you and that she can use you, like literally, that is what she literally said. Then she told everyone that my father was physically and emotionally abusive to her and her children (which is a lie, and if you knew him you would know he isn't even capable of domestic abuse) people called my father a monster. But through all of this my mother is the victim of a horrible man who turned her daughter against her, because it's not like she could ever do anything wrong.

  10. You're taking it all out of context, man. Just because there wasn't any pictures of a man being abused by a woman, that doesn't mean that the artist isn't aware of the problem. Including both genders would of course be more politically correct, but that isn't your thing to begin with, is it? What I am trying to say is how can you think these artistic representations of some very real problems is so stupid that you lose the will to live? I mean; pull your self together!
    Also, who should REALLY be included is a child being verbally abused by any adult. Parents threaten and yell at their children more than any man is verbally abused by a female partner.
    The statistics may be 40 % men is abused by women where you come from, and I am not an expert of american statistics at all, but in world history more men have abused women to death than the other way around.
    Threats of death, or severe punishment is the worst verbal abuse anyone (any age or sex) can suffer, but the way I know men, they are MORE likely to get out of a very bad relationship. If they stay it is usually because they fear never seeing their children again (and the threat to keep the children away is abusive it self)

  11. I agree that verbal abuse is not exclusive to men subjecting woman to it, but I disagree with his minimization. I believe he was using a straw man argument in order justify his point of view. He said,referring to woman of verbal abuse, would you look into the eyes of a woman with a bloody nose,black eye and fat lip and say I understand what your going thru because I was verbally abused one time.(I'm paraphrasing) When did a victim of verbal abuse say it only happened once. Most abused victims in general experience it perpetually. I understand what he's saying, but in elevating physical abuse, he's actually minimizing verbal abuse. Once again, I do agree that women are guilty of being abusive as well. Not just verbally, but physically, financially, and even sexually at times, and he's right that society doesn't' take that as seriously. I believe that every form of abuse is detrimental and it shouldn't be accepted.

  12. For many people verbal abuse is normal. You can insult each other and be BFFS at the same time (eventhough some people will think that you can't stand each other).

  13. Someone says "Your a faggot!"
    You say "okay, whatever"
    Someone throws a stick and I rips a lil' hole in your arm you say "FUCK YOU BITCH" hit them back. Simple, words only hurt you if you let then

  14. I do not see A guy as a monster because he hits a girl it is deserving in allot of situations and I stand up ageists , he not a monsters but if a girl hets I guy she is not a monster but she is rude and if she tries to get away with it like it is normal shes a piety unfair person that that should get a penalty like the guy who hets the girl abuse pouches.