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Undoomed and I Solve The World’s Problems – Part 1


PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfk0nsexx_o

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All videos written and performed by TJ Kirk
Additional writing & research by Scotty Kirk

Music + Sound Effects by Audio Micro

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  1. globalism is bad huh? remember that the next time you buy a cheap TV when there are much more expensive local modells available, not willing to pay extra for local stuff? there you got the reason for globalism got that big, and people like Trump and his friends were on the forefront on the project they now condemn? Shouldnt have let capitalism run rampage, now turn back the wheel of time will be expensive as shit. Companies had way to much freedom and will have more freedom again now under Trump, when will we learn that companies dont care about social welfare or problem, so stop treating them like they are this messiah of wealth and feel good emotions. They want to make money, they have to play by the rules, the gouvernment has to set up those rules.

  2. Concerning media outlets and knowing what information to trust, everyone ought to learn how to think, not what to think. I like Secular Talk, but I don't agree with everything that Kyle puts forward. If your source is just an information dump for you, you're doing it wrong.

  3. The Problem with Communism I see is, it never started in a industrialized, democratic country and everyone expects them to catch up and surpass the west while Capitalist countries try to intervene through coups and cancel trading.

    Our views might be different if Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg had succeeded in Germany.

  4. well no it's because they don't want the financial ramifications that come with negative societal preference. if they support trump they could lose more money, if they stay out nothing changes, and ultimately and the reason why is if soak against him sales go up. its advertising.

  5. Great ideas, but there is one thing. You shouldn't mistake the muslim faith with islamism. You spoke about the latter, but I bet that those LGBT people marched for the former. Normal modern muslims are like modern christians. Silent and humble in the expression of their faith and for me, that's super okay.

  6. So Giuliani goes on tv saying that Trump asked him how to do a muslim ban without calling it a muslim ban so it can be legal, and "everybody with a brain knows it's not a muslim ban?" Ha! And this ghetto problem is here in Europe, were some countries took hondreds of thousands imigrants. It's just NOT an American problem. And most of the problem isn't with this current imigration crisis, but because of stupid decisions made decades ago when they took in thousands of uneducated labour, and when the financial situation turned to shit they were left in poor ghettos. Most of the radicals are second generation imigrants.
    This companies have a financial stake in oposing the travel ban. Their workers can be effected by the ban. Furthermore we live in a status quo, where people like Koch brothers put in milions of dolars to right polititions. It's great that finally someone went out to support the rightious causes.

  7. listening to you guys talking about globalization is like listening to Anita Sarkeesian talking
    about video games. you both know and understand micro economics, but you don't understand macro economics.
    macro economics work completely differently, and all people who don't understand it try to apply
    the rules of micro economics to it. thats what all politicians do too, coz as long as the majority
    thinks that these micro economic rules apply to macro economics they can fist us as hard as they like.
    learn about the differences, they are really important. if you don't want to be the elites bitch for ever,
    understanding these concepts is the only way out. and btw just coz u are americans, don't call it world series
    when it only takes place in america. same goes for economics, you are a economic superpower, but thats also
    true for europe and china and russia, and i would say in this day and age it goes for the arabic area as well.
    to understand global economics you must learn about all of these superpowers.
    when u understand it, then u understand why "america first" is not exactly wrong, but why it will fail

  8. I liked star trek enterprise. you have to give it a chance beyond the first couple episodes… it did get shity for a season there near the end of the show that fucking season of war

  9. It's interesting that all of us critics are huge sci-fi nerds. It seems like that particular entertainment is really good education for religiosity and skepticism.