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Troll Watch 3: Tommy Robinson vs. Quilliam


After the Guardian published an article calling him a “white supremacist,” Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media decided to ask the author why. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/troll_watch_3_tommy_robinson_vs_quilliam
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  1. I just looked at the quotes again. In all fairness, she didn't directly accuse you. She was trying to convey that the community is made up of a variety of groups. This is accurate.

    The quotes didn't express the majority of us are liberals, though.

    Tommy, I disagree with you on this, but I still suppoort you and Troll Watch.

  2. Go on Tommy, that bitch wouldnt know the truth if it fucked her in the ass, what fucking shores did she wash up here from, cos she aint English. This country is fucked good and proper.

  3. Good for you Tommy. These scum bags should have to eat a shit from everyone they tell lie's about. It's fine for them to talk shit about someone? That could effect someone carrier and that's fine in their mind? They are all mentally retarded and should be put in a asylum. Their worse than actually criminals. 😡

  4. hey tommy keep up the good work and may god make you prevail. many many have suffered from this islamist gangs and due to the ignorance of others to see the actual truth. God be with you.