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Transgender Bigot’s Hate Speech!


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  1. Milo needs to purchase a dictionary, because I'm pretty sure they don't know the meaning of most words they are using that have more than 6 letters

  2. the black Americans are living in such a white supremacist country that they would never allow a black person to be President, and definitely not twice ! and they don't allow any poor dumb blackies to become police chiefs, mayor's, lawyers, doctors or surgeons

  3. As someone that is transgender, this Milo person does not represent my views. There are various aspects of transgender. There is research showing a biological basis to show transgender brain matter matches the gender they identify as. That being said, this Milo person has some issues that he needs to deal with.

  4. Okay okay so non-binary is no gender right? But Milo uses he/him pronouns and describes himself as transgender…..how are you female to male transgender but say you have no gender? That doesn't even make sense.

  5. I'm so happy I found this channel. I was a bit skeptical about the screaming at first, but he makes really good points! And it doesn't hurt that I chuckled multiple times either.

  6. Oh for fuck sake. Biological and physical genders are the only types of genders that exist. That isn't a conservative idea, is a tangible fact. I say tangible because you right now, Milo, can literally go grab a dick and suck it. You can't say mentally you're a boy, bitch, because you are the furthest thing from a male, so how could you possibly to even say you feel like a male as if you know how that feels? Even if you're transgender or what ever the fuck you said you are I'm going to refer to you as she or her or dumb ass because that is physically proven to be true. Better yet, this fact can appease to all five of your senses, rather than just touch. You were born with a cunt, fuck you and deal with it. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

  7. "Trans" people like Milo are the reason "cisgender" people hate us. Just like idiotic feminists who don't actually practice feminism are the reason people think all feminists are bad. Just like people tend to stereotype vegans because lots of people who have the diet brag and put other people down. I'M trans and I disagree with Milo.