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Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”


Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media was barred from giving this speech five times by various universities. It’s about his experiences in “the British police state.” MORE: https://www.therebel.media/tommy_robinson_watch_the_speech_i_was_barred_from_giving_at_a_major_uk_university
NOTE: Later, Tommy was arrested for his reporting on a story for TheRebel.media: http://www.SaveTommy.com



  1. The injustice suffered by this man & his poor innocent family is 100% unforgivable!! The UK police force is our government's secret, yet deadly weapon, who terrorize innocent families when they dare speak out against radical Islam. Why our government feels the need to protect 500 rapists and 500 mass murderers is anyone's guess!? Serious questions need to be asked like; why did our government let the radical Jihadists back into our country in the first place? Also, why does our government need to monitor 3000 terror suspects on a daily basis? If they're seriously that dangerous then send them to a muslim country and revoke their citizenship!!! If there wasn't large threats then our country wouldn't need all of the counter terrorism units that are plagued throughout the UK Police force and the intelligence services. It seems fairly clear to me that no one wants to lose their access to the HiTech spying equipment and massive counter terrorism budgets. They all want to play with their toys and occasionally get a pat on the back from the home office for preventing an attack knowing damn well that upsetting the radical community will cause riots up and down the country. They obviously don't mind upsetting or should I say terrorising a few white british families just so they can still get their budgets, play with their toys and keep the peace. Welcome to the British middle east!!!

  2. There are a hundred Tommy's now. The world has watched the police abuse their power at the orders of a religiously biased mayor. The muslim Mayor Khan. They take orders like the Nazis did. The only way to get justice and truth is for very large numbers to support Tommy. You need another 200,000 people to join Tommy. The police have lost the people's confidence and average UK citizens no longer trust the police.

  3. It's not surprising that they don't want your message to get out. No police state can afford for the truth to be known. Nazi Germany is the most recent example. Tommy you're a real man….. one in a million.

  4. This is exactly how the Apartheid police used to operate . These tactics are despicable, the politicization of the civilian police is complete. I am horrified that this is reality in Britain. You are hastening the repugnance of the British people.

  5. Stand under common law people not statues and acts that haven't had the consent of us the governed ask police if they are working in accordance with the oath they took as a police officer if they answer yes then they are they to keep the peace and up hold the law of the land witch is no loss harm or distress on any one if not they are criminal and don't consent to any service they have to offer they all corrupt as fuck and just support corporation's as well

  6. The way he has been victimised is something we only see in movies. He is standing up for himself and his country and is destroyed for it and still he keeps on. He is a legend and im proud he and i are British!

  7. Honestly my blood is fucking boiling. Tommy hats off to you for not swinging for those Police scum!! I know it would have been a losing battle but still hard to hold back. Totally lost all respect for the authorities. Seems like they're against us.

  8. This country should hang it's head it Shame!! 99% of the working class people of this country are behind you Tommy, it's the media and the government that try to silence us and you can only control and silence the masses for so long, when the people of Britain break the chains and force the foot of government off our necks there won't be enough police in this country to control the back lash!! Keep up the fight

  9. Is this England? Unbelievable.. More like Pakistan. This man is innocent. Hunt down the bombers and rapists. He is a man protecting his country – the people he grew up with. All this pc stuff is the real problem.

  10. Lol, i remember this day well. Me and Tommy were chillin just before this speech and he was pissed off as fuck about the speech being cancelled. He was stressed out of his mind about delivering it. So into the bog we went, 2 swift lines each up the snout, and out he went. He fucking nailed it lol. Tommy is unstoppable after a bit of coke.

  11. I am sure, the British Police will be held before the European Court on the grounds of breaching the Human Rights of Tommy Robinson etc and are accountable for legal prosecution and the constant harassment etc, to be Honest the Police need to be reformed, white targets are easy to prosecute

  12. Tommy Robinson possesses courage we all wish we had.
    A man who not only speaks truth to a barbaric Ideology.
    But endure the weight of a cowardly treacherous establishment.
    Tommy is the best of British values….. … kind regards Australia.

  13. Tommy you cunt. You're an illiterate, ugly, benefits scammer.

    Would I be surprised if you were found in the street with a knife through your face?

    Would I fuck.

    You and your Pikey caravan dwelling family have never contributed anything to British society and since you don't have the brains to become anything in your life through a decent job or your own business (I don't mean a two-bob tanning shop), you decide to profit from racism.

    You were born in shit and you will die in shit. Scum like always do.

  14. 471,500 views as you say Tommy. 16/07/17. I watched whole speech took an hour, video picked up 300 more views in that hour. Tommy Robinson the British Ghandi.