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Tommy Robinson: The Story Of “Marine A”


(LANGUAGE WARNING:) Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media talks about the British soldier who was punished after killing a Taliban fighter. For once, the good guys won this fight. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/the_story_of_marine_a_patriotism_can_still_win_in_the_uk

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  1. If you stand back and look at this carefully, these conclusions appear:1. The wests establishment love war for profit and gain.  2. They always look for ways around the common good and massage truths to go to war.3. We invade under false pretences, kill at will, make refugees and pillage resources, and then areas of the world through proxy agents (Puppet politicians)…4. We then let not the refuges enter the west (all be it in VERY small numbers) but the most vile elements of our overseas enemies.5. Once here the elites then stir the social pot making not themselves look bad, but we the people look bad…who incidently protested the wars to begin with..In the end the establishment gets their prizes overseas and we then deal with all the backlash.  THE ONLY WINNNERS ARE THE ELITE (As usual)>

  2. it's a fucking joke that the UK govt and armed forces top brass have to be shamed into admitting the guy is anything other than a hero. These left wing idiots need to be aware when the civil war comes to the UK, and it will thanks to the weak left, brave people like this man will be standing in front of them defending them despite the fact all they want to do is stab him in the back. Its a shame there is not more justice in the UK #next-country-to-be-come-rape-tolerant-after-sweden (btw not a real hashtag (sarcasm) but given the left attitude in Sweden they are now fucked with the UK running to catch up, thanks lefties)

  3. Well said Tommy this country has gone to the dogs,our veteran soldiers will turning in there graves.The Liberal Elite are more worried about the Muslim scum terrorist, than a soldier who fights for this country, you couldn't make this up.

  4. Here's an idea.

    Perhaps the Geneva Convention should be modified, as that's the only real contentious point that I've seen raised.

    Possibly it could say, "If some cunt(s) is trying to kill you, your mates, family, fellow countrymen, anyone that is on your side, on the field of battle, then all's fair, even if they 'weren't' bleeding out, as they could still kill you, and even if they 'are' bleeding out as it's humane. Fill ya boots."

    Then we could all stop referring to it as murder and call it what it is, another dead enemy.

  5. Great one – for Sgt Blackman and his family who at least saw justice. Great one for Tommy, a talented writer, journalist and presenter – and above all, a true British hero and a true patriot. Tommy, millions are behind you, thank you!

  6. I'm not arguing with decision to kill him. However Tommy you should be truthful. You claim here that he did not know he was alive. This is not correct. He can be heard groaning and we all recognize "you leave this mortal coil" before he was shot.
    Again, I am not debating the decision to kill him given the situation. Rather you should be accurate in your reporting of the situation.

  7. Tptb want this, they planned it. They pay this scum like they pay the lefties who protest and riot. Look at your questions at protests, most don't even know why they are there, we are fighting the wrong people and so are they.

  8. a hell hole that we created. a war zone that we created. more brutal killing of innocent people for no reason by us. 17 year 5 trillion dollar occupation by us. nothing to show as a result. half the world is on fire because of us. million of refugees because of us.

    the Afghans who saw body parts never signed up to be soldiers. they never volunteered for a war. it was their homeland being invaded. you go nuts over illegal immigrants. imagine they came as a military force.

  9. Tommy stick to exposing islam, marine a should of just let him die and moved on, he had calls on net for support at another base< should of left him to suffer for another 15 mins before he went to paradise and got 72 virgins!!!!

  10. Tommy said quick and humane death like he's talking about a animal I understand what and where he's coming from but point blank marine a should be in jail for murder irrespective of the what the  person state was at the time marine a put a bullet in him. Plus marine a KNEW it was again Geneva convention therefore he should be in jail

  11. When are we going to be allowed to execute these shit bags on sight. Them and their North African gorilla looking American Dipshit NIGGER terrorists that rape and murderbwhite girls for being white?

  12. To all you deluded morons that are commenting that disgraced Marine A is a hero & should deserve a medal! get stupid brain cells checked. Marine A is not a hero, he is a disgrace to the British military service.

    He is a terrorist, a murderer, an excremental disgrace as a whole. He invaded a foreign country that has never invaded the United Kingdom, as an immigrant in a foreign country he dragged an injured soldier defending his own country into the hidden fields, hiding from the helicopter just flown past, then shooting the soldier dead & immediately telling another terrorist soldier to keep quiet after breaking Geneva Convention, all actions of a terrorist.

    Before all you stupid braindead keyboard terrorists start defending the disgraced murdering terrorist LISTEN to him literally admitting his crime as "Don't know why I did it, a moment of madness is the best description I can give."
    He is a criminal he is a murderer he is a terrorist. He should receive the same fate as his victim or go back to prison.

    One more thing to the dickheads who will respond in typical racist responses I am not a Muslim!

  13. I left the army because im ashamed to call myself English, England has gone down the drain with all the other rats, no way will i EVER lay my life on the line for a country i now despise !

  14. I think we need to go further with this case, find those who prosecuted him and publicly shame them like they shamed him and ensure that Marine A never has to buy a bloody pint for the rest of his life.