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Three Stooges U? “Ouch! Oops!” microaggressions handbook


David Menzies analyzes the University of Arizona’s handbook on how to communicate and apologize for “microaggressions” noting the “Ouch/Oops” policy’s resemblance to a Three Stooges sketch. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/microaggressions_for_dummies_university_of_arizona_s_infantile_ouch_oops_policy_explained
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  1. As someone who experiences "micro aggressions" I can say they're not a problem, annoying yes, but the examples liberals give all come from people being ignorant and not hateful so why call it and aggression and why act like that person is racist when they're not

  2. One can only hope that clever students will spend their days yelling Ouch and Oops all day long to make a mockery of the low IQ directors of their beloved institution of higher learning.

  3. I for one can not believe you showed clips of the three stooges without a trigger warning. Not only are they three white cis gendered men. but they make me laugh until it hurts. How dare you Rebel Media You have raped me !! by showing things that not only made me think but also laugh until I was in pain. Now I need a puppy and colouring book maybe even a cup of tea. Rest assured when I recover I will be talking to a lawyer ( or at least someone with a gender studies degree) about how I may sue you for Ten Trillion dollars. With that said Keep up the good work an have a nice day. ( before some SJW fucks it up on you )

  4. Universities are quickly becoming cesspools are moronic information – total wastes of time and money. I have 4 daughters who have either BSc's in Science or Engineering degrees. The university where they attended , University of Victoria , instituted a mandatory course in Women's Studies for all 1st year female students . Not only were my girls pissed about the waste of time – it also cost $500 for the course. My oldest daughter came home one day furious with having to spend time in this useless farce of education . She said " Did you know that if a woman walks into a room and men look at her , that's abuse and if a woman walks into a room and men ignore her , that's abuse ". Also all women have been abused by their fathers and denial is the first sign.
    Freakin' incredible !

  5. So basically you can say shit to these snowflakes without pissing these assholes off…lmao. Thank God I'm too old for this kid crap. Semper Fi patriots..🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸

  6. See …. the problem is not what you think. First of all, people say things that are that dumb. Actually, they say things that are even dumber than that. Back in the days when I was a teen, we would have just laughed about such statements the first time. And the second time, we would have made sure that the speaker understands his limits. Today, teenager try to be respectful and seek the conversation to create a "teachable" moment. The problem, however, is that people who say things like that cannot be reached with reason. They need to be potty trained to get it.

  7. Are these people joking? I mean the people that believe, are enforcing and "creating" these absurd microaggressions? This is such a horrendous imposition on someone's life where you are required to be vigilant in absolutely everything you do or say and don't do or don't say so as to not offend someone else…seriously??? This has gotten beyond ridiculous, unreal i would say..just let me live my life as i let you live yours..geez!