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The True Cost of Social Media?


I have an interesting question for you about social media and the economy. Listen up.

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Social Media At Work

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  1. Social media is a new industry. Obviously more profit helps the economy and the tax the US govt gets from these US based companies helps the US. Like you said, advertising companies now have more information about you than ever before.

  2. Social media. I remember when people had to send messengers in chariots to other cities across the land to get their opinion heard…ahh. Humans sure have changed. When will we finally colonize space and achieve interstellar travel. N.A.S.A's gone for now soooo…Who's gonna be working on the next warp-drive?

  3. I mean compared with todays computers 😉
    Yes every time periode is nice if you dont have to compare it with the next (except the next is the post apocalypse), so we can say the 90ies, 80ies have been nice, and i think they have been, but would we really go back if we could? Do we miss them so much? In the 80ies we still had the cold war, and it was a lot easier wenn the USSR said "We quit." and nuclear war was canceled.

  4. I've never cared about facebook and the such. I'm 16 and i don't even HAVE facebook. I just don't have the urge for the mini-conversations and pointless pokes and likes. I like to do it the 'old-fashioned' way: I call up a friend and plan some sort of social activety. I HOPE i can keep up with NOT having facebook for the rest of my life. And i don't really se ANY social differences between me and my firends who HAS facebook and Twitter etc… It's all POINTLESS, you don't gain ANYTHING from it.

  5. This has to be the best day and age to live in. We have almost every bit of know age at our finger tips. We are not dead yet of blowing our selfs up and pre-packaged food, so no need to hunt. Guys now we can bacon milkshakes so yea………

  6. communication is so much better, instead of figuring out our own stand we just thumbs up someone elses. And whole comes down to "do you like this picture ?" mentality. Means to communicate is better, ability not so much.

  7. It has been proven that computers have greatly increased productivity and it has been proven that social media is a great form of advertisement. We defiantly live in a different society so don't complain that one aspect of it isn't very productive.

  8. How the hell does it hurt the economy? thats total bullshit in my completely unprofessional opinion. the real problem with social media is that it allows stupid people to spread their stupid ideas. Stupidity is a disease that will effect the entire population and ultimately lead to the downfall of civilization if we allow it to spread. and there are simply not enough intelligent people to stop the spread of stupidity social media facilitates. 

  9. I enjoy email and YouTube and find it useful because at least email could be something a little more professional and direct (if you choose) and YouTube provides jobs and is a great way to get a good view of other people's opinions on matters like science, religion, etc. and even a great site to learn new things. But my problem with social media sites like Facebook and twitter personally is that I have a hard time communicating with people face to face and it seems like people are more like zombies, awkward and unintelligent (if that is accurate for a zombie Haha) people just post the dumbest, ignorant things without really thinking about it (then again people have always been like that) but now its more prevalent.

  10. i  miss elementary school….was the fucking shit…school was good then and you had to use a directory folder to reach your friends and arrange a fucking playdate….was fucking awesome

  11. This is a good Model of the Evolution‚and indeed we're evaluating though it's kinda doesn't have with the Aspect of the Evolution in Science..
    Period‚I think that everything evaluate which lead us to a conclusion that Evolution is true though I don't know it and well and didn't emerged in it yet.

    It's just a thought of mine but I don't know..I believe in Evolution anyway.

  12. Chatting on facebook might actually help me stay focused. I daydream a LOT when I'm reading a paper (I'm a PhD student). When someone replies during a conversation, it prevents me from daydreaming, and I go back to reading the paper right after I responded.
    (The keyword in the paragraph above is "might")

  13. I don't think it even matters if you use social media at work most likely you aren't doing any form of important work that requires constant vigilance chances are you aren't slacking off to do it either most likely you are doing it between menial tasks