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The Toronto Star LOVES Greta’s Lies And Hates Maxime Bernier


I for one am tired of Greta, and I am sure you are too. Maxime Bernier sees right through her and her bogus activism and is MAN enough to speak up about it. The radical leftist rag known as the Toronto Star thinks that Greta Thunberg should be allowed to lie to the public and children JUTS BECAUSE she has Asperger’s Syndrome. Liars are liars regardless of age or deficiencies.

This video is my commentary on the article from the Toronto Star below:

Personal attacks on Greta Thunberg are beneath all politicians
By Gabrielle Drolet – Tues., Sept. 3, 201

At just 16-years-old, Greta Thunberg is at the forefront of a movement. Between speaking at United Nations conferences and inspiring teenagers to take action, the climate activist has become the voice of a generation.

In the past few days, Thunberg has taken on an additional role: at her own expense, she’s also become a litmus test for whether or not politicians are decent.

Thunberg arrived in New York last week after a highly publicized trip across the Atlantic. Her arrival, as well as the speeches and protests she’s led since, have sparked anger in climate deniers. The response she’s received from grown adults (particularly on Twitter) has been reactionary and hateful.

Rather than coming for her politics, people are coming for Thunberg herself, mocking her differences and calling her “mentally disturbed.” While she’s dealt with the hate exceptionally well, referring to her autism as a “superpower” and standing strong in her beliefs, it doesn’t seem to be getting better.

Hatred from the public is one thing. What’s worse is that politicians have also taken part. Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, took to Twitter on Monday night to not only mock Thunberg, but to make assumptions about her mental health. In one tweet, he claimed her to be “mentally unstable,” “obsessive compulsive” and to have an eating disorder, among other mental illnesses.

Unlike Thunberg’s opinions about climate change, Bernier’s hatred is unfounded. It isn’t his place — or anyone’s — to make assumptions about a young girl’s mental health, especially on such a public platform.

Even if Bernier’s claims were true, a young activist’s mental health shouldn’t be the concern of a Canadian politician. As we approach a federal election, surely he has better things to do than to propagate hatred towards a 16-year-old girl.

This is not to say that Thunberg shouldn’t be held accountable for her actions just because she’s young, or that politicians can’t challenge her beliefs. Thunberg has proven she’s a strong leader capable of receiving criticism. However, there’s a difference between respectful discourse and bullying, which is what grown adults have resorted to.

Kevin J. Johnston – FreedomReport.ca

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