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The Social Justice Definition of Racism (Guest Video by Sargon of Akkad!)


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  1. Wow can we keep this guy instead? Way more articulate, concise and theatrical than TheAmazingAtheist. This video has made a far stronger case for reason against sophistry than TJ was able to do with all his videos from the past three years combined.

  2. There are issues with this argument… quite a few, but things from the top of my head are:

    – Categorization on dating website have brought up issues and concerns. And that applies to all surveys, and shows up as an optional answer in most cases because of it.

    – The need of Affirmative Action programs shows that there's still issues with racism within institutions, not lack there of.

    – This video didn't take into account the effects of privilege which acts both on an interpersonal and institutional level.

    – Race, as we know it, is a product of colonialism and all the history that comes with it. It justified the institutional oppression and subjugation of people, and has lasting effects as a by-product.

  3. Racism is a good thing. Without it human wouldn't exist. Because, if human was not allowed to judge wolves generally, all hunters would be bet to death and his family would die by starvation.
    Only dumb fucks are not racists – clueless, dumb fucks.

  4. The thing i hate the most about most SJWs is that through their overzealous uniformed presence in internet culture, they mutilate important concepts and by proxy allow ridiculous videos like this to seemingly make sense. This man's understanding of social groups, culture, and thus race is very short sighted, but in the alt right echo chamber i doubt he'll ever come in to contact with ideas that could show him the significant flaws in his logic. But I'll attempt to try because otherwise i'm just as bad as the SJWs.

    White people are a social group insofar as they share the common trait of whiteness and whiteness comes a set of privileges (and to be fair a few detractors). Not all white people like Metal, or The Show Friends, or Meatloaf, or whatever stereotype you could speak to, but white people as a whole are treated differently than the criminal justice system, white people as a whole are depicted differently in the media, etc. Stating that they are not self aware enough to act in their own self interest is right on the money…but it also is the smoking gun to how privilge works and why it's so hard to address. The vast majority of white people don't act "racist" consciously. Privilege is unconscious and unrequested. You don't need to actively seek out your privilege in order to receive it. Otherwise it wouldn't be a privilege. A lot of the time it usually takes a significant life experience for a white person (or any other person acting in their privilege unconsciously) to recognize that they have it in the first place.

    And that's just the tip of the iceburg to how wrong a lot of this is. However, i know this isn't coming from a place of malice. I just wish there were less people shouting others down and more people trying to educate. Alas however this is a youtube comment so i don't know why i would expect anything else

  5. The SJW definition of racism is racist in itself. It lumps people into groups and automatically assumes because of your skin colour that you are either racist, or not racist. Oppressor or oppressed

  6. The part in the beginning about the language being prescriptive or descriptive is complete bullshit. There are many other languages where there IS a central body that decides what is grammatically correct and what is not, what is a word and what isn't. Just from the top of my head French and Hungarian are like that.

  7. I just noticed something..

    With this new definition of "Racism = Prejudice + Power", SJWs are trying to make racism analogous to the concept of "class warfare". Since that would be more socially acceptable than a "race war".

  8. racism isn't "prejudice based on race" because as you said, everyone is prejudiced to some degree. a better definition, and one I see in dictionaries more often, is hatred of, or belief that, one race is superior to another. or to phrase it another way, acting upon our prejudices.

  9. What I always tell them is this: if you want to deny what racism is, go ahead. But it wouldn't matter if you "aren't racist", if you judge people based on the color of, you're a horrible person.

  10. Different races have many different features even if all are human. It's like preferring a certain dog breed to another in terms of look's. I think white race looks better than nonewhite, like eye color, pale skin, hair color, I think white are much more beautiful than black/tan skin dark eyes and so on. Therefore it's my personal opinion that white looks better. Does that make me racist? I don't think so its just what I prefer in example a partner in a relationship for attraction. I do not hate anyone for their race tho. So am I racist?

  11. I stopped watching once he starts launching into "This is objectively false"

    Objectively by your non-objective standard? How are you measuring objectivity? What you REALLY mean, is that this is SUBJECTIVELY false, by your own opinion.

    Furthermore, this whole video is mostly a strawman.

  12. Prejudice based upon race is not racism it is just prejudice based upon race..Racism is me saying because he is black he is inferior to me or he is a murderer. Prejudice is me using stats to pre judge that this person is more likely to me a murderer because because he is black.

  13. Interesting video. "guilt of racism" – Hypothetical story: there is a rich, powerful black family, who's daughter get brutally murdered by a group of white people. They become racists. Would anyone say they are "guilty"?
    How can you even be guilty of having a feeling/emotion? Aren't you guilty if you actually DO something bad, not just thinking about something bad? If you just think about bank robbery, are you guilty of it? If someone says something totally out of the line racist crap, would you think "he is guilty" or you would think "what a racist dumbass"? I guess it's a really complicated question. 😀
    Power is necessary? Then no rednecks in trailerparks can be racists, because they are totally powerless? XD Not to mention that "whites are helping each other to keep the power". What a prejudical racist bullsh.t. It's like George W Bush helped out poor white people so much. Oh, wait, he didn't he just started 2 wars and sent mostly white people to die for his agenda.

  14. Racism = prejudice + power…. means blacks cant be racist.

    What if you are a white person whom works under a black boss?

    Being the boss, that person fills a position of power (p) because they can make choices about things like hours worked, promotions, layoffs and have authority that needs to be respected and followed by subordinate employee because their authority can directly impact your job.

    and if that boss shows favourable treatment towards black people, is openly contempt towards whites, and makes policy on behalf of the institution( the company) that purposefully excludes employees of other demographics from advancement specifically based on racial profiles and backgrounds that would fit the definition of prejudicial behaviour.(p)

    so in this scenario a

    black person in a position of power, whom demonstrates prejudicial behaviour the two requirements to the equation R=P+P so if Blacks cant be racist how would the social justice crowed define this scenario?

  15. I like/agree with this video, the only problem with arguments like this (aka structured, logical etc.) is you properly attack at the definition which you deduced for them. not that your definition is wrong, it's just that I know the sjw's will just hide behind the fact that they are too pussy to come out with a solid definition of their own, and claim that your definition is incorrect. then they'll pretend that you're making false accusations and play victim. bastards.