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The Kevin J Johnston Tiny Township Lawsuit Update


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  1. Justice in Ontario has been down graded by the same mindset & ideological beliefs but when Kevin sued a lawyer he must have known the judge will protect him. What is worse is that if one represents himself in Ontario, no lawyer will ever represent you again. Remember who goes first in a revolution.

  2. Let's review. In the past week, 1) Kevin's wingnut story about terrorism in Windsor has been exposed as a lie by the Windsor Star 2) Kevin's Twitter account has been suspended 3) His lawsuit has been thrown out of court. As Charlie Sheen used to say, #WINNING

  3. During examination for discovery, Kevin J. Johnston may question the plaintiffs, demand to see their records, etc., in their lawsuit against him, but not in his lawsuit against them. That is because Kevin J. Johnston either does not know how or did not follow procedure to gain the right to discovery. That is the difficulty he is going to have to face all the way through.

    The outcome of the hearing of the motion was as expected. The suit is not dismissed…yet. That the judge has decided that he does not want to become involved in a land claim dispute is an euphemistic way of passing the buck to the next judge should Kevin J. Johnston decide to further pursue his action. It is not because the judge is lazy; it is because Kevin did not convince the judge that this court has jurisdiction to hear the matter.

    That the lawyer that filed the motion for dismissal seemed ill prepared is expected. The only card that he needed to play at this stage was the fact that Kevin has recently filed five actions. The purpose of bringing along a second lawyer was to impress the judge with the importance of a positive outcome for his client.

    Superior Court of Ontario is not Small Claims Court.

  4. And Kevin seems to think he will never have to pay anything to anyone because he can hide his assets. Um, good luck with that Kev. Also, you realize that if you're in default of money you owe in legal judgments any legal case you launch can be halted? And that if you're forced into bankruptcy (which the plaintiffs can do if you fail to pay the judgment) you will likewise be unable to sue anyone (as well as not get any loans, lose your credit cards, lines of credit etc)? I guess Kevin's expecting to use his wife financially instead to borrow money on his behalf and maybe as a means of hiding his assets – yeah, I can see that marriage falling apart pretty quickly, particularly if she gets implicated in a fraudulent scheme to help Kevin avoid paying out for the judgments against him. Like all narcissists, I really don't think Kevin's thought this thing through and like all people who aren't as smart as they think they are he's going to get a huge surprise when he learns exactly how much he doesn't know and realizes how much trouble he's put himself in.

  5. Kevin, how are going to put the plaintiffs in the defamation case on the stand when you've already lost that case as you failed to file a defence by the deadline and have been noted in default?