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The Huffington Post Is FAKE NEWS Here Is The Evidence


I want you all to pay attention to how the HUFFINGTON POST tells news stories. What you are going to see is a video on the Huffington Post about apparent RAMPANT racist attacks in Calgary.

The video is merely a slide show of stock photography that reports on only 6 cases of vanalism in the City of Calgary, yet they claim that hate crimes are out of control in the city.

Have a look at what modern media has become and then stop reading ALL newspapers in town.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. Kevin, we need people like you to speak on behalf of us cowards. I totally share your views but I'll admit I don't have the nerve to put myself on the front line . Thanks for your bravery.

  2. Hey Kevin, been watchin a while now. I like that you are all about facts, evidence, logic, reason and you're canadian. IMHO though the rhetoric is keeping your subscriber base down. You should really be way up there by now and in fact we all need you way up there. I could be wrong. Respect.

  3. Fake! Fake! I call BS! These messages are made by Muslims to try to make people sympathise and feel sorry for the sick Moslems. It's Muslim Propaganda and happens all the time. The #CBC and other Fake Mainstream Media like to run these stories to promote Jihadi Justin Trudeau's Islamic Agenda but their all FAKE!

  4. I am so glad Toronto went digital 2 years ago. I do not watch TV anymore. I then took out a subscription to National Geographic magazine because I've had always admired that mag from afar. But I just let it expire this past January [the tranny issue} because even that magazine went too far left for me.