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Howard Bloom explains how terroristic threat laws have diminished your constitutional rights.

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How I Accidentally Started the Sixties

Howard Bloom is author of ‘The God Problem: How a Godless Cosmos Creates’

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  1. more like we need to stop coddling them. we want it gone, for good, none of this shit where they pass another new law doing essentially the same thing a month or a year later. If We the People say no, that fucking means NO, not "maybe later, if you can sneak it by us," not a little bit, just no.

  2. I got suspended from school and they didn't give a reason. My father called up and they told him they weren't required to give a reason. He used a little profanity on the phone and they put a warrant out for his arrest for "Terroristic Threats" and he was arrested and went to court. His court appointed lawyer wanted him to plead guilty. Some of my great life memories right there, I really hate this shitty country. We boast of freedoms when we're tied down with chains.

  3. My friend was trolling in a store once and was yelling out, "45% off" and WE were asked to leave even though he said it. Is that a lack of freedom of speech for my friend? Serious question,

  4. @hardminder – Solitary confinement is complete isolation from all other prisoners. It's done for both punishment and sometimes the safety of prisoners who would be in serious danger if left in the general prison population.

  5. Its coming to a point where we don't have rights any more and we as americans so fuckin retarded not to even question our rights of freedom of speech what's next are they going to take away our guns too?

  6. +The Amazing Atheist Yep pretty much Ive been saying this for ages about Christianity Yeah 'thou shalt not kill' looks good on paper but when you need to kill to further you religion you can basically throw that out
    and Yeah speedy trials and free speech look good on paper but if needed they'll throw that right out the window, They need plans in place to deal with people making terroristic threats I would be the greatest advocate for that but locking up for 5 mo is not it.

  7. Law enforcement that does this sort of thing has no right to act as law enforcement. The people of Texas should ignore their police force and act as if they lived in a lawless zone with deluded nutjobs pretending to be in charge. Someone raped your daughter? Well the guys calling themselves law enforcement have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they aren't really law enforcement so you'll have to take matters into your own hands. Those fake ass cops have "arrested" you for hunting down your daughter's rapist and castrating him with a brick? Well they aren't really police or they wouldn't have "arrested" all the people they shouldn't have, so you're not so much under arrest as you are being held by captive by a pack of deluded anti-Americans. Go ahead and kill your way to freedom.