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Star Wars Episode 8 Trailer Failure


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  1. saw it before your review this trailer. you touch on points I was eye rolling to. this is kind of video they make for the wrap party but not for the viewer. I kind of was glad I didn't see rouge one in the theatre because of its cash grab it was vs story driven it was made out to be. they better not disappoint to just be a Disney cash grabber I'm hoping it is not.

  2. I don't know, I thought Darth Vader was the most leaning-to complex character in the list of movies in the series. He started out innocent, he was trained to defend the good, and his morality became challenged when he became seduced by the potential of the dark side. One of the striking moments that did it for me though, was how Vader snapped out of it when he threw the Emperor down the chasm and told Luke in his dying words that he understood all along. Sometimes cut and dry evil characters are born and die evil and we don't always get to see that redemption moment. Thoughts?

  3. Apparently the eighth one is supposed to be something really weird, I don't know what that means but it somehow caused JJ Abrams to leave the series. Most clues point to it being some kind of war movie, which seems appropriate given that it's probably meant to be like Episode 5, maybe Rogue One was meant to test the waters or something? If there is a huge twist, I'm going to call Rey turning evil, if you look at Episode 7 more closely it actually sets that twist up in a lot of ways.

  4. So let me get this straight. Millennials took a classic sci-fi movie and turned it into "SJW's in space"? I see an "empowered" bitch, a black space-dude that behaves like the stereotypical urban loudmouth, and some random tumblr bitch with purple hair. Holy shit Hollywood, you jumped the shark several decades ago. Stop ruining classics just because you ran out of ideas to make new mediocre shit.