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South African Gangs Beating Whites To Death in The Streets


I for one am tired of all of the anti-white rhetoric in the world because it always will lead to violence just like it’s happening in Africa now. You’re seeing a video from South Africa where white man is being beaten to death with poles and hatchets just because he is white and the leader of that country I stated that whites are Open Season to kill and rape and steal from.

It is about due time that white South Africans are given Safe Harbor to New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada and any other white country willing to save their brethren. Black racism against whites is out of control and the levels are disgusting in Africa. No I don’t like it, and I couldn’t care less if you call me racist for pointing out the fact that blacks in Africa are the most racist in the world.

Kevin J. Johnston – FreedomReport.ca

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