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SJWs ATTACK: Jake Shields Fights Off Berkeley Protesters


MMA Fighter and folklore hero, Jake Shields, fights off Antifa and defends innocent bystanders at Berkley protests. What a legend.

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  1. Its good that Antifa started to fight back with violence. I now support their cause fully. Not because I agree with their political views, but rather, I can't wait to see these fucking pussies get their asses whooped by republicans. Antifa=lower than beta males, republicans=ALPHA male. Grab ur popcorn guys, its gonna be a hell of a time.

  2. Im a leftist but I don't wear a baklava because I believe in my opinion and can show my face for the thigns I stand in for.
    I don't disrespect my (idk the right word is it "opposites"?) and try to have a discussion as respectful and calm with them as possible. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes my opposites are just douches and ignorant asses and sometimes my discussion crew (the people who share my opinion) are the ignorant asses.

    it doesn't has to be liek that. Just talk calmly, listen and be respectful to each other.
    Is it so hard to respect someone like you would respect your family only because he don't support discrimination (Only an example for major topics of the last time) or does support it?

    To be honest I really dislike to talk normally to someone who has such a world view but at the same time I know that I want to be treated respectful as everyones wants to be.

    So just stay human in discussions. And especially in the Internet.

  3. Jake ran, fucking idiot delusional racist​ sister fuckers. soon as a few gangbangers hit him up he fucking ran inside like a fucking child. none of the bitches online talk about that only the real poeple who were fucking there who saw his bitch as make a sprint for it. idc if it's one man or 2 he fucking ran faster than ussain bolt for a washed up fighter who's Noth worth the fight ngt

  4. what America needs for these antifa fags is what the Chinese had "The boxer rebellion" martial artists started driving foreigners out. instead we'll be driving destructive parasites out.

  5. Anything Trump will go down! He's looking for war. Who is going to be? Russia, Syria, Afghanistan (again), China, Ukraine, or maybe North Korea. Let's see who Trump wants war with because he knows the POOR get killed while the rich make money off the war!

  6. Holy shit. I fucking love this comments section. Nobody here is supporting Antifa just because they know what will happen. It's rare but beautiful to see.

  7. The left wingnut/antifa excuse is this: if white people start pushing for their group interests like blacks and other groups do, that is nationalism, and the next step is lynchings, mass murder, and whites throwing people into ovens. Only whites have done wrong under ethnonationalist movements, so only whites should be denied playing identity politics.

    However, what they don't realize is all groups can and have done the same. Think of the black Hutus. They murdered millions of their ethnic rivals. Blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa regularly butcher and rape white farmers and are on the verge of anti white genocide there.

    The Turks murdered millions of Armenians. Turks arent white. The Japanese slaughtered countless Chinese in ww 2 and forced countless Korean women to be prostitutes. The largest scale biological warfare in history was used by the Japanese against the Chinese. They tried to spread the bubonic plague among the Chinese population.
    The blackfeet tribe regularly tried to wipe out the crow Indians. Many tribes in America tried to drive out, or wipe out their competing tribes.

    Throughout Southeast Asia, there have been many occasions where the locals have tried to force out and ethnically cleanse their areas of chinese migrants.

    Yet leftists NEVER say that because of these incidents, blacks, Asians, Turks, and native Americans can never look out for their group interests. On the contrary, they still insist that only whites cannot look out for their tribal group interests.
    Final conclusion=leftists/antifa are simply anti white

  8. fuck political ideology. This is what it does. Everyone watching this video can see the retardation on the part of the left, but are so trained to be on a fucking side that they cant see its exactly the same on the right. Polarization in politics is the real enemy. Do a political test online, get an understanding of what you really believe in terms of individual issues, instead of some bullshit pre packaged Dogma. If you see a group do something you dont like. Dont call them Cucks or Nazis. Logically dissect what you dislike about their stance. PROVE THEM WRONG, instead of insulting them and further confirming everyones biases against each other.

  9. The issue is that the left, who are behind these thugs, think they can get away with it because they own most of the media. Hitler owned the media also and the truth got out.

  10. Does Trump not have any comment about all this B.S. from panti-fahs ? Their terrorists, anyone can guess what will happen when they come around, so jail them.

  11. fucking racist, yes he is a nazi, everyone who stands against Antifascists is a fascist, simple, you are either with us or against us, you either stand for antifascism, tolerance and equality for all or you stand for racism, xenophobia and priviliges for white people