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Singling Out A Billion Muslims


Easier said than done.

Muslim persecution of Christians

Muslim persecution of homosexuals

The world’s most dangerous countries for women: No 3: Pakistan.
90% of women suffer domestic violence and 1000 women are murdered every year in “honour” killings

50% of urban Pakistani women beaten by their husbands

Pakistan child marriage: 9 year old flees hospital after acid attack

Girl raped for 21 days by policemen

Pakistan: Rape during police detention

Rape victims denied justice in Pakistan

Pakistani mob torches Christian homes over prophet blasphemy

Pakistan mob burns man alive for desecrating Koran

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  1. There is no need to single out billion muslims.
    It is enough to carry them out of Europe and America (a whole) and Australia and New Zealand and South Africa.
    And some other areas too.

    One container ship can carry like 20-30 000 muslims. 4 ships a week can take out 20 million muslim scum out in just 5 years.
    That was a calculation of  20 000. If we really do it  i recommend pushing the volume to 50 000 per containership. In just 5 years we would have shipped away some 50 million muslims.

    I mean why would not to do that?

    It's gonna be much cheaper than cherishing them in our societies. 80% of them don't work. Just enjoy govenrment money and build no-go zones for non-muslims.
    They don't integrate. Choudary, Izzadeen and others preach hate for native citizens.
    It is time to stand up and fight back.

  2. You are so on the path for eternal damnation for disrespecting Allah's beloved muslims, and the most ironic thing is that Allah has set a seal around your heart so you are basically going to die bitter and old not that its not already around the corner. Repent before its to late.

  3. LOL. Christianity and Islam are just Fanfictions of Judaism.
    Christians and Muslims spread their version of Judaism and then blame the Jews for the existence of apparent Jewish things everywhere. 

  4. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. We all know that when Islam takes over Europe, these so called "Peaceful" Muslims will become radicalised and kill us. But then again there is no such thing as a radicalised Muslim or an Extremist Muslim, they all just Muslims. Islam calls for the annihilation of all non-Muslims societies and cultures, meaning the entire western world. The fact that are politicians have let this fascist, sexist, barbaric, savage, totalitarian, political and racist ideology into our lands goes to show much hatred they have for their own countries. The Left are the most racist people I have ever seen, but I am saying the truth so therefore I must be the racist nazi right-wing bigot. Multiculturalism is destroying our freedom and if we don't act now our children and grandchildren are going to be born into a world of fear and violence. They will never forgive you for your crimes against humanity as you have essentially destroyed their lives and any peaceful future for them as the soon to be Islamic Europe goes against freedom and a nice and peaceful free life. There is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim and Islam is the religion of evil.  

  5. Hahaha the religion of permanent offence. I was talking about this with a mate today and we came to the conclusion that Muslims are the angriest people on the face of the planet and how they live beyond the age of 30 being that angry is beyond me, they should all be dropping like flies with heart attacks.

  6. First, I’d like to commend Pat once again for the clarity of his videos.  I’ve enjoyed watched every damn one of them.
    Second, I don’t understand people that act the way Pat describes several groups of people in Britain and in other countries.  The US included.

    What I’m talking about are the ones that profess various levels of hatred for the country they live in.  In the case of where I live, the US, every day I see and hear people that condemn every last thing the  country stands for.  Others condemn only the foreign policy, still others the un-faaaaaaaaaairness of life in general.  All of them promote one form of socialism or another as the solution to all the ‘evil’ in the US.

    So, what I don’t understand is this:  In todays world, a person can get from one side of the planet to the other in about one day.  In todays world, there are places that practice EXACTLY what these people are advocating.  So, why don’t they LEAVE?  They don’t leave because they don’t REALLY believe what they’re professing.  If they did, they’d pack their things and be gone forever.

    The same is true of all these Muslim extremists coming to the US.  If they don’t like the way the US operates, they should LEAVE.  But, they don’t.  Because deep down, they know the US stands for the protection of the rights of EVERYONE, including them.  To leave and return to whatever rathole they came from would be returning to a society that, for the most part, would kill them for the things they say while in the US.

  7. When an ideology, culture and religion create 96% of Terrorists in the world, something is just not right.
    Do not Judge those with a mental illness due to recessive genetic disorder. When a group of people inbreed for over 1400 years mental illness will happen.  When first cousin marry and have sibling the gene pool becomes corrupted, especially after 70 generations.  Retardation is an illness that affects one’s ability to perform the simplest of acts ranging from tying one’s shoe, speaking in complete sentences, to even passing as a member of society. The lowest living form of life created for the purpose of failing. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation all fall victim to retardation.
    If the parents have a genetic disorder, have a child and raise a child with this genetic disorder, this will create a child with a lower IQ. The social situation is also been known to lower the IQ of all those in his presence if prolonged exposure is endured. There is no cure for retardation but avoid at all cost to limit the damage this can have on your own ability to function properly.
    The effect of this will be
    Mental retardation
    Lower IQ levels
    Recessive genetic orders
    Slow development of social skills
    Congenital abnormalities
    Physical handicaps
    Autosomal recessive disorder
    Increased risk of insanity
    Increased insane criminal behavior
    Limited understanding
    This is why they act the way they do and what they do. Nothing like killing innocent people so you can leave this life and go to Paradise. Great I go to Paradise to drink and have sex. Remember Paradise is not Heaven but Hell. This is the religion of the devil. Don’t forget they ran out of virgins so farm animals and pigs will be your new wives.

  8. There is no such thing as a "Peaceful" Muslim. You can be a peaceful human being or a peaceful individual BUT never a Peaceful Muslim. The words "Peaceful" and "Muslim" are self contradictory in nature.

  9. I'm sorry I wasn't offended by your videos, I just agree with you too much.  Perhaps you should pussify your message (like a progressive), then I might get a little offended?  Just some constructive criticism.

  10. Islam was at relative peace with Europe until The U.S and Rothschild Illuminati attacked and caused mass war and destruction into Muslims countries and forced them to migrate to Europe totally against their will. BUT you'll NEVER EVER hear Patty Cake Condell talk about that (because it doesn't serve his zionist suck-up agenda).

  11. You only have to see what an intolerant monster Islam is when you study their eschatology (study of end-times). They are actually waiting for Jesus to return again and convert everyone to Islam and anyone who doesn't convert will be destroyed. They are so envious of Jesus that they are delusional enough to believe that he was a muslim.

  12. False gods have small dicks and narrow minds. Real women terrify false gods.
    Double fuck Barack Obama's Muslim Botherhood (B.O.M.B.) and his friend Hillary Rodham Clinton