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See What Your Education System In Ontario Is Doing To Your Children


I reported on a protest today. I was leaving the event to head back to the office and cut video. This kid felt he needed to call me racist over and over again. Not sure why, but he had to make sure that I knew he thought that Islam is a religion…

Then he wanted to wrestle a cop…JESUS the Canadian Education System is screwing up your kids and poisoning their minds. Islam is evil and it needs to be banned so that fewer kids will end up this dumb in the future.

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  1. hopefully in the future he can learn to control himself because he may get hurt by somebody if he does that to wrong person and i do not like to seen nobody get hurt

  2. What the saddest part of this he was wanting to assault you.
    Is this the way he knows how to express himself is to freak out.
    I'll bet his parents are very proud of him acting like a complete ass.
    I find it most disturbing that the police had to interrupt your conversation.
    I'm pro police and after years in law enforcement, is this what it's coming to that two people can't even have a opened discussion.
    It's was so easy for this punk to call you a racist.
    He really needs to brush up on the way he articulates himself in public.
    One day he's going to go after the wrong person and their going to be as nice as you were to him.
    When the officers tried talking him down his only words were don't touch me I know my rights.
    He's was harassing you and verbally assaulting you.
    I wonder how he was finely calmed down, a few hours in a cell would help this goof to think before he opens his mouth in future.

  3. That was a radical Islamist ready to commit an act of violence as instructed by whomever . Kevin, you are marked for a violent hit so to speak. This is not a threat but my opinion after watching this video. Thank God for the police and witnesses. Camera or not this kid, not really a kid, would have went for it. This kid speaks 100% like a full fledge Isis soldier. In front of police and other civilians this soldier of Islam was ready to attack. Stay safe and smart Kevin

  4. Please folks, check out the latest video from YouTube member Michael Arana (from the Oshawa area) about the CBC stunt to use tax money to use actors to incite hate against whites on the streets, as part of their pro-Islam agenda.
    YouTube blocks me from posting links, even to YouTube videos, but you can recognize Michael Arana's channel with the yellow Gadsden flag as the profile image.

  5. Lol, you make no mention of the thousand other students that didn't approach you… Actually having been at the premises during the time of the 5-man "protest" it's clear that this is a distorted representation of what actually happened. It's amusing how you make yourself seem like some kind of fucking Messiah. Your viewers are just as delusional as the Muslims that pledge absolute loyalty to Allah. The kid obviously has loved ones that are Muslim and is able to see the humanity that persists beyond identity. The majority of boys his age will tend towards anger rather than logic, and it's unfortunate but it's only natural. Not something that's been embedded into him through our treachorous Islam-loving education system lmfao. To be honest, you just seem delusional, like the left-wing SJWs that skew everything on the basis of their ideology.
    Edit: also, this kid is probably Arab, so your entire message is invalid.

  6. PROTECT OUR GINGERS I have seen many videos on how Red Haired people are being lured into ISIS. For some reason they seem to be easy prey. HUG A GINGER. KEEP THEM FROM GOING TO THE DARK SIDE.