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RICK PERRY – 630k+ Dislikes On YouTube


Go DISLIKE Rick Perry NOW!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PAJNntoRgA

Make Rick Perry’s Strong Video the most disliked on YouTube:

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  1. As a non religious conservative (we exist) I hate people on my side of the field who expect to be taken seriously when basing their logic on a fairy tale. Religion and politics should never mix (but it will). Basing your policies around the Bible is like being a grown ass 40 year old man who still goes by the rules his elementary school principal had. But at least the elementary school principal existed.

  2. Rick Perry really is a pathetic, lying human being. Contrast him with previous heads of the Energy Department (Nobel Prize winners etc) and weep! This man will be in charge of America's Nuclear Weapons Program. No kidding.

  3. This guy, Rick Perry, is now the Secretary of Energy… the leader of the department dedicated to guarding our nations nuclear weapons, developing nuclear energy, disposing of radioctive waste, and in charge of energy conservation and regulations dedicated to that art.

    Yeah, THIS GUY is in charge of that all… zero experience whatsoever, horribly inept. Do something my friends, open your eyes, get outraged…

  4. I just can't stand Christians like this… I just recently converted out of Christianity, and right before I did I went through a "Conservicuck" phase, where I was REALLY antifeminist and REALLY into the whole Christian scene, but I was really agnostic about it, saying "well, for I can find any evidence against my views I'll change them". However, I was watching this channel and was avoiding atheist videos. I'm ashamed I was a Christian now though, because I realize how bigoted my views were, and how close they were to Rick Perrys

  5. "Rick Perry is a fucking idiot. We never have to talk about this guy again, ever."

    Annnddd President Donald Trump appointed Rick Perry to be the Secretary of Energy.