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REBEL YELL With David The Menzoid Menzies and Kevin J. Johnston, May 31 2017


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Kevin J. Johnston and David “The Menzoid” Menzies have brought to you the important data that you need to know on Karla Homolka who is not only a psychopath, but a convicted murderer.

She was caught volunteering in a Quebec school with children even though the whole country knows that she was guilty of murdering two innocent 14 year old girls and dismembering them after holding them down for her boyfriend Paul Bernardo to rape.

Canada truly needs to smarten up and grow some balls. This person should be relegated to the proverbial back of the bus and when I say that, I mean left out in the cold Tundra to die under the Midnight Sun.

However this whole episode is not depressing as May of 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars so David Menzies and I are here to argue for your delight, as to which universe is the better of the two: Star Wars or Star Trek.

We are proud to have Joe Warmington from the Toronto Sun as our special guest for the first half of our show. Joe Warmington has almost 30 years experience in media and Reporting and is a multi Award winner. I wish every reporter was like Joe!

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