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RAW: Black female Trump supporter blasts Berkeley Antifa


Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media spoke with a Black female Trump supporter at the Berkeley free speech rally. She explained why she joined other patriots in defending freedom of speech and how Antifa fails to represent Black Americans. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/black_female_trump_supporter_blasts_antifa

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Antifa must be labelled as a terrorist organization in America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.



  1. Fair play to the lady Trump supporter. She is one of the most intelligent I have witnessed so far. She is Black American and she knows it. I do not mean to sound patronising, listening to the first lady she is going off about being African American, WTF. She is Black American. US needs more good Black Americans and Yes you will make America great again..!!!
    Hat Tip from the UK

  2. By claiming that racism is simply a feature of white people, completely independent from attitude, behaviour, circumstances et al, they have reduced the term 'racist' to mean nothing more than 'white'.

  3. right, I always wondered why actual decedent's from America who have laws to protect and help them put up with other free loading black, and Mexicans or others who come to the states and abuse their privlages.

  4. it is very nice to see people who think for themselves. this woman knows exactly what they are doing: divide and conquer. she doesnt want to see the division continue and she definitely doesnt want to give everybody else priority over her people and her countrymen. people think right-wing people are racist (because of the media equating the term "right-wing" to "bigot"), but totally ignore the fact that we are all more than happy to bring black people to our side. myself and most other middle or right leaning people are very excited to know that black people (and everybody else) are waking up to the truth. we are not looking to keep them away, we want them to join us. how is that racist? fucking catch phrase using pieces of shit need to take a fucking look in the mirror if they want to find the real racists.

  5. That's what's up. That's what Ann Coulter actually says. She sticks up for black Americans and talks about immigrants trying to ride their coat tails of civil rights. No, those rights are for American blacks because of slavery and Jim Crow. I'm white and I will stick up for the rights of American blacks.

  6. Muslims are hijacking and riding on the coat tails of american blacks to push their hatful agenda. white women are pushing it because they are brain washed.

  7. I see the new black leader arising AMEN SISTER. I'm a white guy but I consider this woman as my American sister, it's a damn shame that people can not rise up as Americans this violence in are streets is un-American and needs to be stopped

  8. The truth! All these Africans are brought in to pretend to be african American to create chaos and crimes so the african American can be put to blame.