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PWNED: Frank Miller


Frank Miller is really, really, really stupid:

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  1. Have you seen him recently? He looks horribly unhealthy.

    Wait a minute, you're burning a book merely because the author has a dumb opinion? That's a little silly. Say what you will about Frank Miller now, but does that really diminish the quality of his past works? Does the person he is affect the work? I mean, Mark Twain's an asshole, and so is Picasso. Also, don't watch Chinatown, because of Roman Polankski. I'm just saying, it's a little over dramatic.

  2. If Frank Miller thinks the terrists are such a big deal maybe he should JOIN THE FUCKING ARMY. Which he wouldn't because bootcamp would make a urine tampon out of him.

    I was really hoping you would have brought that up, +TheAmazingAtheist. It would have been so perfect. ­čÖü

  3. TJ, why did you burn that book? I know that Frank Miller lost his marbles, but burning an otherwise good book because Frank Miller is an idiot is wrong. Hell, burning any book to prove a point is wrong.

  4. I really love Sin City, Dark Knight and Daredevil┬ábut the man behind all of that should really get his shit together… occupy wall street is…. well was a thing to RESPECT
    …you really can't fix the system, the machine is stronger than us… or so it seems.

  5. freedom of speech protects you from the government but not anyone else, If you insult your boss they can fire for that, don't quote me on this but I am pretty sure we also have
    " fighting words" that states that if you tell provoke someone and they hit you, there is nothing the law can do

  6. FINALLY some one shares my hatred for Frank Miller. Although for different reasons…
    I cannot understand why people label him as a "great writer". In almost all of his books he writes horrible women characters bordering on misogyny. Even his greatest novel up to date, The Dark Knight Returns, didn't get praised after several years later and I think the only reason it ever got praised was because of the whole Batman vs Superman stigma. Even DK 2 sucked!!! I MEAN I CANNOT FIND A SINGLE PIECE OF WRITING THE GOOD, ITS ALL SHIT!!! AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HIS ART, LOOKS LIKE HE HAS FUCKIN PARKINSONS, AND NOW THAT HE'S ACTUALLY AGED AND HIS BONES ARE MORE FRAIL, IT LOOKS EVEN SHITTIER!!
    I'm sorry got carried away. Frank Miller is terrible and not only doesn't deserve critical acclaim for his writing because of his moral standpoint but most importantly because he CAN'T WRITE FOR SHIT. HIS CHARACTERS ACT LIKE CHILDREN IN A WORLD OF CRAPPY PLOT DEVICES AND HOOKERS ahem I mean all women (according to Frank at least)

  7. So your view on someone's work also depends on what you think about them? That should not happen, you shouldn't mix those two. Someone might be an asshole and an idiot, but that doesn't mean you should burn a piece of their work.

  8. TJ, you should definitely check out "Alack Sinner," the comic that Mr. Miller shamefully ripped off to create "Sin City." It was first published in France by two Argentinian guys, and it is AMAZING. If you can get any issues of that comic in English, I think you will really like it.

  9. What happened to him was he overdid the drugs and alcohol, combined with a over inflated ego and self importance fed by the comic and film industry.
    Also hes a fan of Ayn Rands work so Im not surprised he has no compassion for the less fortunate.