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Pt 2: Freedom Of Speech/Political Correctness: Dr. Jordan B Peterson


This is Part 2 of a 3-part posting from The Speakers Action Group (http://www.speakersaction.com/), who hosted Dr. Norman Doidge, author of the bestselling The Brain that Changes Itself and The Brain’s Way of Healing (www.normandoidge.com/) and Dr. Jordan B Peterson Sunday, January 22, 2017 to speak on freedom of speech and political correctness. Dr. Peterson speaks about his experiences over the last few months and, more generally, about the consequences of the joint postmodern, neo-Marxist rejection of Western enlightenment and deeper, archetypal ideals.

Dr. Doidge speaks first in this 3-part series (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxslBI3hNFQ).
Dr. Peterson speaks in part 2 (this video)
Part 3, a Q & A, follows this discussion (https://youtu.be/T5ZtNUtvACs)

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  1. If political correctness is not stopped, there will be further oppression and confusion. It is a poison and inhibits fee speech. These PC mongrels proclaim free speech but will stomp on any one who opposes them. He also makes a good point about feminists who don't condemn Saudi Arabia and its dismal attitude towards women. This is something I put to a British feminist bitch and she didn't answer me but insists on kicking white men. the good professor is worried about National Socialism. He is right to be. But when the left in all its madness and idiocy push people around only another extreme opposition can oppose them. Sad.

  2. The crescendo of this particular address is very similar to a Louie CK bit. "Everything is amazing and nobody's happy".

    Ungrateful, inexperienced young people, getting fat and doing nothing.

    The end of the mouse population experiment. Civilization run it's course. No job security, divorce industry favoring women.
    What do you expect.

  3. You are incredible. Keep doing what you are doing, truth is on your side. So simple and so incredibly useful – get yourself together and try to be a better person. When I stopped playing a victim and accepted that maybe I'm a problem and started working on that my life started to change. So good to see my thoughts said by such a smart person – makes me even more confident that I'm on the right path. Best wishes from Russia

  4. I completely understand and agree with what you're talking about with "The Post Modernists;" however you're throwing the baby out with the bath water when you conflate ideologically driven Marxist or Nihilistic Post-Modernism with the over-all philosophical tool, lense or even game of post-modernist exploration. I feel a good comparison would be if one were to point out all of the flaws in Richard Dawkins' personal philosophical beliefs and used that as a way to describe the thinking of ALL atheists.

    Surely post modernist philosophy CAN and DOES lead to SJWs destroying freedom of speech and destroying or ignoring our values, but post modernist philosophy can also help us re-discover our values. The whole idea of post modernism is a recognition that the values we hold were handed down to us from people who have been dead a long time. Post modernism pulls the rug out from under the foundation of our thinking and exposes the raw naked workings of our society, our existence and our lives. On doing so we can see how we fit into the big picture and determine what it is in life we value most and shed ourselves of the worries and stresses of externally imposed expectations that conflict with our real values.

    The whole concept of post-modernist philosophy is a luxury, one that could only have been born from a free society, this is something you, Jordon, address. I agree, it is frustrating to see the youth of today adopting nihilistic ideologies like modern feminism and SJW culture, but post modernism can also be used for comedy, like memes. Memes are a perfect example of post-modernism addressing suffering. Meme culture explores and celebrates suffering by making light of the pain we feel from suffering in life. In acknowledging our suffering and sharing it with others who feel the same using nihilistic comedy, we take ownership of our pain and ownership if the stresses in life that cause suffering, freeing ourselves of a kind of mental and emotional bondage.

    Yes, post modernism gave us SJWs and they're fucking everything up, but that's an ideology that people tacked onto post-modernist philosophy. The fact of the matter is, even within post-modernist groups, SJWs are over-represented… They are a cancer within their circles too. A look at post-modern art would reveal that shit-posting is prevalent within all art forms… but is dispised by SJW types. Remember the Sleepwalking man, or whatever? that piece was a CLEAR shit-posting and was protested as being a form of rape.

    Point is, post modern expression manifests itself in lots of different forms. Complaining that it doesn't come with a set of values is like complaining atheism doesn't have a set of morals. That's moot. It never set out to fulfill that role in society.

  5. It is not often I see someone like Peterson. You can tell almost instantly the amount of thoughts he's put behind his words. I don't know if I agree with everything he says, but even listening to the things I disagree with, I feel like I'm not wasting my time at all. I wish more people, myself included, spoke like him. I feel like we could understand much more about ourselves and each other. Maybe one day humans will find the truth.

  6. Anyone who defends and supports people's vilest inclinations will be popular. That's why Trump and Peterson are popular – especially among young, white, straight men. These young men are very insecure (I know, because I used to be one of them), and so they are naturally drawn to seemingly strong, authoritarian father figures.

    When these young men get to college, for the first time in their lives they are in an environment where it is not taken for granted that they are god's gift to the universe. That makes them deeply insecure, and that's why they flock to Fraternities and guys like Peterson.

    I agree with a lot of what Peterson says. I agree with his defense of free speech (even though his view of C16 is far overblown, in a paranoid, Trumpian way). I agree with the Enlightenment/modernist outlook (even though Peterson himself is a right-wing post modernist – listen to his debate with Harris about what truth is). Though Post-modernists have made some valuable criticisms of it, I see those criticisms as correcting, not defeating.

    But if you want to hear a real defender of those values, and one who will really challenge you, rather than making you feel good about your vile inclinations – listen to Noam Chomsky.

    The difference between Chomsky and Peterson is enlightening. Peterson relies on bombast, swearing, making claim after claim after claim. His entire speech is almost completely devoid of arguments or facts. But he carries on and gets emotional, just like Trump or a preacher. The similarities between Peterson (and Trump) and the ways preachers give sermons are striking.

    Listen to Chomsky in comparison. There is no emotion. He doesn't rely on those rhetorical devices. It's virtually all verifiable facts. It's all argument. No swearing or carrying on. This is real rationality in defense of Enlightenment and modernism. And it's really challenging to the listener. It makes the listener less comfortable. Peterson and Trump make you more comfortable, that's why you like them. Peterson and Trump make you feel like you are right. Chomsky shows you that you are wrong.

  7. Life is suffering, but look! the lights are on!

    This is the cure for the pathos of the 19th and 20th century. Yes, your life sucks, as does everyone's. Just be a bit better, try to make things better–just a bit. And look! the lights are on!

  8. If people honestly think Peterson is "scare-mongering," they should be working full to show, through word and through deed, that he's wrong. Instead they are confirming his fears by continuously acting more and more like the authoritarian thought police.

  9. I don't understand:
    If there is no such thing as logic, on what grounds is the work of Derrida build on? How is he building his arguments? Isn't logic supposed to describe how arguments are build and if they are valid or not and so it doesn't really matter if your brain is male or female or if you are poor or rich? If not with logic, how should people form their arguments?
    I've not read post-modernist philosophy yet, but this non-logical philosophical method of thinking is really teached at universities? How do they think?

    I don't understand this. It makes no sense to me.

  10. I love this man. If he ever gets kicked out of his university, by the PC thought police, he can easily become a motivational speaker. He'd sell out every show around the globe, even before he'd take the first stage, guarantee.

  11. this lecture gets so brutal at the end. like, we are so lost, but we managed to figure out one / one millionth of reality over millions of years and these assholes are doing everything possible to completely destroy every iota of human progress just so they can thumb their noses at the rest of us. its pure evil. i used to think marxism and communism were the most profound forms of evil we can face in the modern age. now i know, post modernism is like marxism on steroids and acid. its so bad. we gotta fight this. if we dont win we lose everything. literally everything. we go back to being cave people and eating each other.

  12. thank you for encapsulating something bizarre and often times frustrating for me to fully understand. I was made aware of postmodernism during this election cycle here in the States but I didn't even have a name for it so it just looked like a slew of crazy people who didn't care that their own views don't make sense. I'm always taking you up on your book offerings and I deeply appreciate that as well. I can't expect you to lay out such deep ideological concepts on your own, professor however you're making tremendous strides in bringing me and many others closer to an important realization without being indoctrinated into it. Basically what I'm after is knowing what these different groups think without becoming part of their respective group. the literature is a key component.

  13. Just a flinch, why did Derrida even wright anything if there was no value? That would be my action if i was a philosopher and came to that conclusion.

  14. He's speaking about the power of those that manipulate ideologies for their own power and control. Right or Left they will seize control of any political movement with the ultimate goal of floating above the squabbling, bickering deceptive mess that they have created. All for the power of their narcissistic, psychotic, paranoid and supremacist culture and a nation that they believe is ordained to control the world. Israel. World class shit disturbers. Being masters of deception is not evidence of intelligence. It's evil.

  15. The best quote from this video, when discussing gender neutral pronouns: "They can do whatever they want as long as I'm not forced to go along with the most radical representatives of them who don't even speak for then anyways."

  16. Peterson probably wouldn't or want to run for Prime Minister but all he has to say is who he would vote for and I'd vote for that person who would probably go unrecognized otherwise. God help Trudeau if he says anything at all about Peterson's rise which reflects more accurately the public conscience. Not saying anything either is being completely out of touch with the public. Whatever he does or doesn't do he better consider carefully. I've seen Prime Ministers pulled out of there quicker than he's been in office already. I think that cabinet needs a good shaking up as well and they better start paying attention. Any attempt to whitewash or to silence any of this is not going to bode well for them at all.

  17. So often great and inspirational people come from a most unlikely source. Usually self effacing and generous of spirit. Nearly always, they are baffled by their popularity. I wish could have listened to Dr Peterson 40 years ago when I became an adult.

  18. Around minute 30, Peterson achieves a clarity, eloquence, succinctness that exposes the fraudulent thinking that possesses the SJWs, the socalled liberal academics (who are in reality against a set of human, civil rights that applies to everyone; academics want rights to apply only to their favorite victim group), and the lefty nihilistic groups who wish to destroy a society without having anything better to replace it. Implicit in his comments why SJWs must become totalitarians, because only SJWs have the "Truth", even if they also maintain there is no such thing as truth or universals.
    Post-Modernism is movement that fouls its own nest.
    Minute 45: JP points to a deep leitmotiv (myth) of Western culture on how to <realistically> overcome the oppression, unfairness, suffering of existence. The neo-Marxists are shrewd in not giving him a chance to speak. His clarity and passion dissolves their ideology and reveals the deep lies behind it.
    Peterson is so deeply NOT a cynic. Can we call him a prophet? (He wouldn't like it.)

  19. I started crying during this speech. Twice. I never cry.

    45:00. That. That dredged up a lot of hurt and made me reflect on how often I turn to distance, isolation and apathy. I turned over some stones and reflected on how much, the more I learn, the size of problems seem and how that has a tendency to make me throw up my arms in frustration for lack of a feeling I could ever fix anything.

    Well, that's not working out so well…

    Thanks, Doc, for the reminders. I really mean that.