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PROOF: Blacks, women, Hispanics voted for “racist, sexist” Trump


PLEASE SHARE! Ezra Levant crunches the NYT’s numbers and proves the media’s propaganda about Trump didn’t reflect reality or sway all voters. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/wasn_t_white_vote_trump_s_big_gains_with_blacks_hispanics_women_youth_poor
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  1. I'm Native American and I voted for Trump.

    I find it fucking hilarious. No matter how hard the media insulted Trump, it only feeds people's curiosity.

    I've had friends who play games and there have been colorful discussions about the elections. It was so much fun.

    I like anime and when one "analysist" said that stuff about men who masturbate to anime. On the internet, Weebs came out of the woodwork and started to discuss politics.

    Just, fucking hilarious.

  2. I know a lot of minority's that voted for trump if you are a stranger and ask a minority if they voted for Trump they may very likely deny it for fear of retaliation.

  3. Those who see the big picture know Trump is the right choice. Hillary and his campaigners are crooked, they were targeting woman only. They would not talk to any males. The Clinton's disrespected veterans and she knows majority of veterans who are seasoned are well educated and know Hillary was all lies.

  4. Lol a few non-whites voted for Trump and all of a sudden the alt-right media (also known as the nazi media) start saying, "every non-white voted for Trump, therefore, he isn't racist." How do you defend Trump's narrative that every Muslim is a terrorist and every Mexican is either a rapist or a drug dealer… way to demonize non-whites. And they have the audacity to say Trump accepts all cultures. Trump won because he paid off the electoral college, not because he won the vote of non-whites. Lying Rebel (nazi) media like always.

  5. idk about blacks or women but as a man in the latino community, Most of the trump voters are either really self hating over the fact they're not white or simply just lack empathy for others. This is just what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears.

  6. I supported president Trump and follow and like Rebel Media, but I would just like if you applied also the percentages given to the actual population of each group. Thanks, good night.

  7. The left and media continues to keep this country divided by attacking white men. White men were responsible for Trump while no minorities voted for Trump. MSM's message is constanst lies and all the racists on both sides are eating it up…

  8. so i have a friend who says trump is racist and showed me an article of a lawsuite against him for not renting to blacks, is that a true thing if so where can i find the case files and if its not true how can i prove it?

  9. democrats OWN these people. looks like they fled the plantation. on mass but of course white males are to blame….evil bastards and their Jedi mind tricks. lmao.

  10. First, just because women voted for Trump doesn't mean he's not sexist. His words doesn't get erased simply because women voted for him, they can still be heard on the camera. It doesn't matter if it was "locker room talk", it still came out of his mouth. The same is with racism.

    Second, maybe some of his ideas was considered great by you. I get it that you wanted something new, someone close to the people. Not these old politicians who doesn't care about you. And in the end it was between Trump and Hillary, but it wasn't always like that. You voted for these people to become the presidential candidates. I understand that Hillary was what you didn't want, and voting against her does not make the voter sexist. Building a campaign upon being a women doesn't work if you want equality, because there will be people feeling left out.

    But whatever Trumps ideas was, how good you might have considered them to be, does that make up for how poorly he has handled working in the office? I honestly feel really unsafe with him as your president. Be aware that you have voted for a person who have the power to change the world, and I am afraid he won't change it for the better. We only have one planet, and the world leaders should work at keeping it safe and liveable. Not destroying it. We can not simply take care of our own country, we have to help each other. If we only cares about our own wealth others will suffer. And in the end, we'll all suffer.

  11. I have a feeling that the Republicans Party is changing more liberal again because Trump was able to attract and outperform with the minority/Hispanic vote. And lastly, in the future whites will be a minority because currently right now the U.S is becoming more of a diverse country.