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Pro-Sharia feminist’s views defy reality


David Menzies questions a western feminist’s contention that sharia law empowers women. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/oxymoronic_pro_sharia_feminist_s_views_at_odds_with_reality
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  1. Why doesn't she fuck off and live in Pakistan the stupid bitch . Try pissing and moaning over there about your wright's . You will cook when they say . You will fuck when they say . You will be stoned when they say . Good luck you stupid bitch

  2. No wonder she's delusional. She's married to that progressive apologist, always playing we're the victim card Waleed Aly. Just another parasite we need to wipe from our broadcasters.

  3. Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turdball, hosted at tax payers expense, a large Ishtar dinner last year for the end of Ramadan. Incredibly, this person sat at his right hand at the head table along with her husband Waleed Aly who is even more of a popular public mouthpiece for Islam. At the Prime Minister's left hand was the equally Islam promoting idiot, Yassmin Abdel-Magied who also claims Islam is THE most feminist of religions. With close counsel provided by these Islam promoters to the Prime Minister, Australia is doomed.

  4. Ok. I think the feminists are just actively trying to simply take whatever side western men are against.

    Seriously, think about it. Noone, and i mean NO.ONE, can be this retarded

  5. those idiots feminist have no idea what sharia is . I live in saudiarabia and I will tell you one thing that sharia is disgusting mediveal Barbaric law period. people who are living in western countries please " DON'T" allow sharia law to be accepted in your country."PROTEST AGAINST SHARIA LAW".

  6. I'd liken feminism to a defender refusing to play in defence because they feel marginalized and instead demanding to play up front, they are only hurting the team as they make it less effective. For a home to work well the man and the wife both have to fulfil their Godly-ordained roles or if you do not believe in God, their traditional roles; everything works better when everybody isn’t trying to fulfil the same role and I’m not just referring to having a desire to work, many women nowadays want to be men and they try to do this via everything from attitudes and conduct to dress sense.

  7. The brainwashed Sharia women are used to promote Sharia. They are mind-controled into believing theirs is the best way of life. Very cultish, when you realize they only know one way of life — Sharia.

  8. Us Aussies hate this stupid bitch. She's an embarrassment to our beautiful country. I reckon she would love to see Australia turned into a third world shit hole Muslim country. Why would any normal thinking person listen to a dumb cunt that volunteers to convert to Islam?

  9. +Rebel Media It's sex not gender, don't you get it yet? You can check any quality dictionary before the internet and you will see "Gender" does NOT mean what the communists are claiming (if you have a non-socialist dictionary). You only help perpetuate Orwellian Newspeak… while claiming to do the opposite, is this not hypocrisy and helping of the di-intelligencing of your viewers?

  10. In Saudi Arabia she'd be raped for not wearing a full body black niqab and due to lack of male witnesses she'd be punished to stone to death under the charges of an adultery while her rapist would be free to live since men can't control themselves and it's women's fault for getting raped says the Sharia law. And that's an Islam. This dumb bitch is brainwashed and wants to misguide others. I've seen many retards like her plain thick stupid.

  11. She is one of the stupid left idiots we have in Australia pushing the bullshit
    What I want to know is why she had to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim asshole when we are supposed to be multi cultural here she is a traitor to Australia and to all Australian women

  12. Let's let the feminists (only them), have sharia law. It will only give me more power and when she starts to bitch about it I can have thrown in a hole with her head sticking out. Just saying, if they want to go to bed with them…..let them.

  13. Faith, I'm not sure who the real enemy is.  The Muhammadist's, or the liberals who give in to them. Too bad these politician's can't be removed from office for failure to protect their citizens or undermining the government.  Or can they?

  14. The position is obviously irrational. She is racking up big points in the oppression hierarchy and promoting a sort of a mass Munchausen syndrome. This is also a strong filter for logical thought. Logical thought is rejected by postmodernism, replaced with reflexive emotion, just because something feels emotionally good does not make it automatically right. Hasn't this bunch heard of emotional manipulation? Mindless entitlement too, I think this is related to utter ungratefulness.

    Its understandable that women naturally want to tame the mindless brute, there have been a few naive young women of the postmodernist faith who have hooked up with ISIS to discover how good their life actually was in a Western country. This postmodernist indoctrination on young women looks more like callous cruelty.

  15. @amongHpigeons, and to all.

    She may be expressing the things she is expressing for many reasons:
    – claiming virtue via "Virtue Signaling"
    – for media attention (chances to be in the spotlight, and to gain
    followers and supporters
    – to piss off a person just enough to catalyze a physically afflicting
    or even more violent reaction so she can use the law, media, and culture
    to win the "Victim Lottery."

    Greed really does divide and hurt people. Trading the things which have
    given her freedom, protection, etc. for this sort of cause is Faustian
    (making a deal with the Devil) while expecting society, laws, etc. to
    not betray her when she herself betrays.

    When a person believes they are more important than values, principles, etc. because they are alive, and values, principles, etc. are not living because they are simply specific types of ideas. She may likely just see certain values and principles with a position of philosophical nominalism.

    What does that mean in simple terms? In a simple way possible with my abilities to articulate, she sees Australian laws, values, principles, etc. as just specific labels, names, and words – with no real substance.

    When a person does that with any sort of value, principle, etc., such a person is capable of betraying anything.