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Positive Atheism (And Other Topics)


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  1. I personally believe in two criteria to determine if you lived a good life. One did you significantly decrease others quality of life outside your right to do so (not to include any sort of "harassment" of someones belief ). Did you enjoy your life(outside of criteria one the means at witch you do this doesn't matter).

  2. Honestly I'd prefer the boring immortality to death… I can't really see a need for death outside of like if I do something bad and get tortured unendingly by the government and I know there is no escape… then I may want death. When the genie appears to me I will ask for toggle-able immortality. I can be immortal when I want and be able to die when I choose.

  3. Me: Hi
    Internet: Did you just assume my gender? I'll have you know that I'm a non-binary, gender fluid, aromantic transgender person who prefers her/ she pronouns
    Me: Whoa, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offended you
    Internet: I'll have you fired for you just sexually harassing me!