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Ports Toronto COWtows to animal rights activist


David Menzies reports on how Ports Toronto responded when an animal rights activist was triggered by their billboard campaign that he claimed was disrespectful of cows. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/airline_ad_insults_bovines_ports_toronto_cowtows_to_animal_rights_activist
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  1. It seems that Toronto Ports was lambasted with such dogged determination that they found themselves herded and corralled, and ultimately cowed, into behaving like sheep by a bunch of loons.

  2. these activists, do they spend most of there day up each other asses ; breathing the pure methane gases , while the activist who draw the shortest straw says at a computer looking for offended things !!!!

  3. Animal rights activists 1) know very little about the animals they 'care' about, and 2) have no sense of priority. Dogs are tortured to death in the most hideous ways in China, but activists worry about nonsense like this.

  4. As Someone that has the luxury not to live in that shithole, I can walk up to a cow, play this video in front of them and judge their reaction. They will lick me or the phone and continue eating grass. Nice work activists.

  5. David Menzies you are coming across as a thug.

    The add implied that cows are not given humane care, in other words, they are treated like worthless inanimate objects without senses.
    Shame on you for taking this up and making such a fuss, minimizing and decrying the decent people who are endeavoring to make a difference to the lives of sentient creatures who are disgracefully and cruelly treated. Their lives from beginning to end are an unimaginable torturous nightmare.

    They have no rights and are totally enslaved, their lives hanging by a thread at the whim of their owner or human predator.

    If I was one of those people that had suffered in the concentration camps of Hitler or the Gulags of Stalin or the British concentration camps that imprisoned Boer women and children in South Africa, I would definitely have been an animal rights activist having gone through the unimaginable horror of being human and treated like animals.
    Sadly, this suffering has not translated into any form of empathy for animals, in general.
    The silence and denial surrounding the cruel exploitation of animals including wildlife are deafening and a scar on humanity.

    Rank insensitive and dehumanized treatment of all animals used for commercial enrichment is wrong and human cruelty to animals is a slippery road towards cruelty to humans, inevitably.

    I suggest David that you join PETA and pay your dues, therefore, becoming part of the solution without having to do the soul-destructive job of discovering and dealing with the horrors that surround helping sentient innocent lives get some empathy and help.

    If we treat our sentient creatures with care, humans will have nothing to worry about. Gandhi said that you can judge a nation by the way it treats its sentient creatures.

  6. Activist has a BEEF with cows. Sounds like he's NUTS and just wants to blow his HORN. What a WIENER. I RELISH this triggering. Tell him to hustle his BUNS out of here! LETTUCE focus on more important issues. Suddenly I'm hungry.

  7. Toronto is the asshole of Canada .. an immigrantville 3rd World Leftist safe space shithole. Know your enemy folks, WAR is coming. These gay parading, safe space Leftist Lunatics will NOT let up until they are finally slaughtered like cattle.