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Peel Police Forced By Lawyer To Remove Kevin J Johnston From Peel School Board


Hey folks,

Before you rag on the cops, understand my viewpoint. Sneaky and gutless lawyer Robert Keel send a letter into the police department the day of this meeting forcing the police into a bad position.

They had to ask me to the leave the property, and they did a good job doing it.

Be ANGRY with the PEEL DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD, and the traitors Tony Pontes and Janet McDougald. They are the cause of all this trouble in 3 Canadian cities.

I announced me pledge to run for mayor of Mississauga again in 2018! Thank you Canada!

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. kevin J Johnston,Please tell those fkin moronic arseholes on the peel school board,and that camel humping islamic cock sucker pm of yours to look at what happened in my capital city of london yesterday.
    President Trump was the first world leader to call prime minister Teresa May,the french President called and so did many others,but no call off the canadian jihadi leader,if he wants this to happen,then tell him to continue on the way he's going,keep up the amazing work,and petition the queen to disolve your parliment as soon as possible

  2. WOW rebel Media is there too!! Two best Canada's movements!!
    Kevin you're becoming very popular, good for you man. This is fkin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is why this country wants everyone to stay asleep. And they're pissed off that more ppl are starting to wake up.
    My hat off you to you Kevin.
    Only Rebel Media is there, shows the ugly truth of mass media .EX CBC , sun and etc..

  3. For some reason I thought this might, I did not want to bring my natural pessimism into bought it appears it showed up anyway. This is just a small sample of what to expect, the "agenda" must roll forward afterall..

  4. THAT SCHOOL BOARD has extremely offended many Canadians by EVEN CONSIDERING to appease one religion in schools. NO PRAYERS OR SPECIAL FOODS OR SPECIAL CLASSES OR RITUALS "ALLOWED" etc. Or should even not be discussed. I would like to see my name, in public, as one who is extremely offended!
    You may need litigation. How about getting a few hundred OFFENDED CANADIANS to support and ALL file a for a lawsuit ? This is where I wish I was a lawyer!

  5. Islam is the religion of peace…..unless you disagree with being a mindless slave with no rights, which means that religion would love to cut your head off.
    I am not a racist for not wanting a religious ideological view that forces hate and destruction into my life. This piece of shit religion and it's followers will lose.
    Islam will be the number one talking point of the next election. Any candidate who supports it will lose.

  6. sorry but the police need to be sued. there was no court order, and the police have obstructed justice, any one of us would have been arrested. they are becoming tyrants not officers of the law.

  7. Cute robots with guns and badges .. WHO pays for their costumes and guns? These traitorous thugs will slaughter you and your family if they are told to by their Masters. Scumbags .. just doing your jobs eh. I'm surprised they had time to hang out there, what with all the traffic tickets they have to hand out on a daily basis for bullshit infractions like snow on your fucking licence plate, while 3rd World criminals invade the Country and turn it to shit. Canada has already fallen when the Commie Islam loving Liberal whores can ban its citizens from entering a PUBLIC BUILDING built and MAINTAINED with TAX PAYER DOLLARS. Are you meatheads ready for the fight that is coming? Are you not seeing what is happening in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, all across Europe after they were invaded by these 3rd World Islamic/African barbarians? How are you going to protect your family when 10 thugs show up to take what is yours .. a baseball bat? Are you going to be the one that brings a knife to a gun fight? Well, good luck. It takes 1 weekend to get your gun licence, simple .. GET IT DONE!

  8. And in England Islam runs over(KILLS) people and stabs (KILLS) cops…..VOTE VOTE VOTE In peel they are building government offices with islamic prayer rooms (can you believe that), we pay for them to pray to a pedo moh (Peel did this)……Is this a Canada you want?…………A Fricken drama teacher ..pft

  9. That opening advisery at the beginning of the video isn't written by Kevin J Johnston! How can I tell you ask??? He didn't call the Toronto Star by its proper name; The Toronto Red Star!

    The real Kevin would never make such an error.