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Omar Kadr Has Been Given His Money…Already And Canadians Are Irate


I know you’re angry. Since Jihadi Justin Trudeau won’t answer his phone, Canadians are calling me to complain about the convicted terrorist OMAR KHADR who already has his $10,000,000 – given to him by the most gutless world leader in history.

I am as IRATE as the rest of the country and I want JUSTICE. Return OMAR KHADR to the USA and let them deliver AMERICAN JUSTICE to the killer of an AMERICAN.

Canada, STOP sitting in front of your TV’s wasting your time on Netflix – GET MAD and START DOING SOMETHING.

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  1. Hey Canadians, LMBO, good job. You're politicians really look out for your well-being and overall happiness. I can tell.
    Wait a minute, he was convicted of murder? Jesus Christ You people are fools and no friend to the US. EVERY ONE OF YOUR POLITICIANS SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON. Wow

  2. Patrick Brown, Leader of Ontario PC played by comedian Christopher Titus
    Patrick Brown, the recently elected Leader of the Opposition in the Ontario Legislature, Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, is a FRAUD.  He is simply an actor that also plays Christopher Titus, the comedian from California … Xdisciple

  3. Omar has a very good lawyer also he was living with him as part of his bail conditions also all this started with the Harper government that's the conservative government the widow of the medic got $130 million Omar settlement is going to be used as an example for other cases so lawyer or judge has to use that it's called the presidents when they can use past cases

  4. Traitors get hung Kevin, my question is why aren't we out on the streets to do it? We too civil for it? We gotta punish them with a trial? What are we all waiting for I wonder? Lemee know what you guys think mmk?

  5. this is done for a reason to turn on each other they don't want people to unite remember good does not generate Revenue on the other hand if you do a mistake or do something wrong the police got involved after the police the judges after the judges you get stressed the doctors are involved it's all connected to make your life a living hell it's a fact look at the patterns whole life is designed its sad

  6. Now that he has all tax payer's money, because it wasn't Trudeau's money to give away. Will he be moving out of Edmonton as I am sure the people there would like this terrorist to move to Ottawa, right next door to Junior. Stop voting for Liberals that pretend to be Conservatives. Make the Conservative Party provide REAL LEADERS instead of slimy Liberal wolves.

  7. Those who live in Canada and who are not PRO-ISLAM.. if you really want to hurt the socialist commie leftists (who hijacked the word "liberals)… if at least a MILLION of us or more stand strong and REFUSE TO PAY OUR TAXES… that will send A SERIOUSLY STRONG MESSAGE to this QUICKLY BECOMING COMMUNIST GOV'T that we will NOT GIVE THEM OUR MONEY TO FUND THE VERY AGENDA THAT IS USING OUR MONEY TO MURDER US SLOWLY!!!!!!!!

  8. Trudeau is ruining Canada just like Obama did for 8 years in USA. Trudeau will be lucky if he makes it 4 years. If we the people rebel he will have to srep down. Trudeau is a traitor to this country.

  9. I am furious about this monetary settlement given to a terrorist. From a proud Canadian, living in the Philippines. God bless Kevin Johnston and David Menzies! Keep up the great work fellows!

  10. A win for canadians?
    More like a win for humanity.
    Hopefully Trudeau falls on that same fork while we're at it.

    That money, or at least a large chunk of it is probably already in the hands of Al Qaida, being used to buy AK-47's, frags, and RPGs that will eventually be used to kill Canadian troops.

    Trudeau is a fucking traitor, and ever Leftists elitist with him.

  11. Canadians should also be upset with the Supreme Court of Canada for deciding in Khadr's favor. Even if you want to side with the court's ruling where is it determined that he is owed $10.5 million? Is there a fee schedule somewhere in the Charter of Rights? Unfortunately there are diehard Trudeau fans that will still vote for traitor come 2019. Canada along with the U.S and Europe are heading towards disintegration and there's no turning back.