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We Need To Put Traitors Behind Bars

TO: Teresa Armstrong
Constituency Office:
155 Clarke Rd
London ON N5W 5C9
Tel: (519) 668-1104
Fax: (519) 668-1941

From: Kevin J. Johnston, Author and Patriot

First I would like to congratulate you on being another one of the many Canadian politicians who are guilty of the crime of high treason. In case you don’t know the law and I’m sure that you don’t, here it is:

Criminal Code of Canada, Section 46. High treason

(1) Every one commits high treason who, in Canada,

(c) assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.

ISLAM is at war with us, they don’t even hide that fact, and YOU ARE ASSISTING ISLAM TO DEFEAT CANADA.

How dare you be so ANTI-CANADIAN as an elected member of provincial parliament? How dare you be so anti-freedom as to try to dictate to me and the other 35 million Canadians you are supposed to be protecting that October is now the month of our greatest enemy.

The odds are pretty good you have not read the Quran, Hadiths or Sunnah of Muhammad, nor have you spent any time dealing with Christians from the Middle East who barely escaped with their lives to start life anew in Canada, only to have YOU force ISLAM back on them. If you read the aforementioned books for yourself and spent any time with victims of ISLAM you would know that ISLAM is NOT a religion of peace, and not a religion at all. It is a socio-legal military cultural replacement machine, whose doctrine is SHARI’AH. It is ONLY interested in conquering civilizations through cultural jihad and not coexisting with them. Mosques are NOT places of worship, as Erdogan has said:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

―Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Go on, read it all for yourself.

Go on, read it all for yourself.

What ISLAMIC heritage are you referring to exactly in your bill? This country was built by Judeo-Christian ethics, not ISLAMIC SHARI’AH. For you to state that October is the official month of ISLAM, you are now pushing aside the opening of the hockey season, the final weeks of the Canadian Football League, Kitchener’s Oktoberfest, The Niagara Wine Festival, our numerous autumn harvests, Thanksgiving and Halloween. These things ARE CANADA, ISLAM is NOT.

By overshadowing Canadian festivals and holidays during October by naming the month after the death-cult known as ISLAM you are destroying what little Canadian heritage we have left. Why are you trying to replace Canada’s values and culture with ISLAMIC SHARI’AH LAW?

Might I point out, that should you be successful in helping ISLAM’S SHARI’AH take over Canada along with Jihadi Justin “Trudeau The Traitor”, YOU WILL BECOME A MAN’S PROPERTY, and he will have the right to beat you for any reason he wishes. Time to add a Burqa to your Eid shopping wish list. Women fought, served prison time and died for the right to vote, and now you want to take it away from them by implementing SHARI’AH. I never thought I’d see female politicians that hated their own gender so much that they want their gender to be slaves to a 1400 year-old doctrine…a very, very bad doctrine that has killed over 270 MILLION PEOPLE since its inception.


ISLAM creates nothing and destroys everything, and now you want me and my children to honour the hate that it spews forth, and you want me to honour it for 31 straight days every year. This is an affront to our freedom, to our liberties and to our sensibilities.

Teresa, you as a woman have only half the value of me and your testimony weighs in at only half of that as mine as I am a man. This is according to SHARI’AH. This is what you want to honour 31 days in succession per year. As you can see, you have no concept of ISLAM. Muhammad is ISLAM, his word is LAW enacted through abrogation. Through abrogation, it is ALL civilizational Jihad. Ask any Imam.

You could have tabled a bill to protect any other religion, but I see nothing on your website about helping Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Satanism, Buddhism, Humanism or Atheism. Out of all the other faiths and ideologies out there, all of which view women as equals, you chose to write a law that honours less than 3.2% of the Canadian populace while leaving more than 96% of Canada out of the same type of recognition. You want to subjugate 96% of the population of Canada by limiting their freedom and liberties through sentencing us to the SHARI’AH of Islam for 31 straight days.

I refuse to dishonour or mistreat my wife in any way, no matter what mandate or law you pass that tells me that I must abuse her or other women in society. I will not partake in honouring for 31 days the doctrine of ISLAM that dishonours women and Kafirs (YOU, ME and EVERYONE ELSE WHO IS NOT MUSLIM). ISLAM’s level of intolerance is unmatched in all human history and I have far too much love in my heart for Canada to allow you to force me to be a part of it.

This leads me and any thinking Canadian to one conclusion only: you are a traitor and you belong behind bars for the rest of your life. History is going to remember you as a traitor, well done.

Just remember this, Canadians are so fed up with this cult of evil being forced on us that Civil War in this country could come as early as twenty years from now, and it’s you and others like you who will be to blame.

I want you to know this: every rape of every woman in Ontario by MUSLIM men who have been told it’s their right to do so according to their ISLAMIC doctrine is ON YOU. You are a criminal and I am looking forward to seeing you on the stand in a court of law to answer for your crimes against Canada.

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Here’s Hoping You won’t Sell Out Our Children’s Future,

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

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