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MPP Teresa Armstrong is A Traitor

MPP Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe), NDP Citizenship and Immigration Critic introduced on September 26, 2016 a bill in the legislature to establish October as Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario, “as part of the NDP’s plan to fight Islamophobia.”

Islamaphobia is another of those childish words that people in government use so they can hang onto their jobs not realizing that each act like this brings our country further and further to the brink of collapse. Islamaphobia does not exist, because it is not a phobia when they are really trying to take your country over.

Armstrong claims her bill will bring the provincial government in line with the Federal government, and local school boards, who already recognize October as Islamic Heritage Month. She explained her treasonous decision:

“New Democrats recognize that increasing Islamophobia is a reality in Ontario, and through this bill we are taking action to fight it through education and engagement.

“The provincial government can help support the fight against ignorance and hatred by promoting dialogue, conversation, questions, and knowledge about Ontario’s Islamic heritage. Everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted for who they are in our province.”

“Islamic Heritage Month is about bringing Ontarians together by learning about the many contributions that Canadians of Islamic Heritage have made to our province, and how today, we are living, working, and studying side by side to build a stronger and more prosperous community and province, together.”

We at the Gazette are trying very hard to recognize what contributions that the traitor Teresa Armstrong is referring to, and all we can come up with is “trouble.” The Muslim community of Ontario has gone out of their way to disturb Canadians, ignoring every value that Canadians hold dear in favour of their so-called religion. The Muslim community is not creating anything but is dividing the country and doing a great job of it.  Below is what she put forth:

Bill 23 – An Act to proclaim the month of October Islamic Heritage Month


Muslims have been contributing to all aspect of Ontario’s prosperity and diverse heritage for generations.

Islamic history and culture encompasses a broad range of individual and collective experiences, as well as important contributions to literature, math, science, art and history.

In 2007 the Government of Canada declared the month of October in each year as Canadian Islamic History Month.

The Province of Ontario recognizes and wishes to affirm the important contributions that Muslims make in Ontario as part of the vibrant social, economic, political and cultural fabric of our province.

Proclaiming a month to be Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario will provide all Ontarians, both today and in future generations, with an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and learn about the rich and longstanding Islamic history in the Province and the diverse roles and contributions of Muslim people in communities across Ontario. This new understanding will in turn help combat anti-Islamic sentiment.

Therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

Islamic Heritage Month

1. The month of October in each year is proclaimed as Islamic Heritage Month.

2. This Act comes into force on the day it receives Royal Assent.
Short title

3. The short title of this Act is the Islamic Heritage Month Act, 2016.


The Bill proclaims the month of October of each year to be Islamic Heritage Month.


  • Homosexuality is a major sin
  • ‘Liberated’ Western women… are trapped in a form of slavery
  • Polygamy is permitted in certain conditions
  • Wife must obey the “commands” of her husband
  • Wife beating is permissible in certain conditions (“Submissive or subdued women… may even enjoy being beaten”)
  • Muslims have a duty to spread the message of Islam in society
  • Prayers to Allah to give Muslims victory over the disbelievers
  • Non-Muslims of an Islamic State have to pay the jizya (poll-tax) tax
  • Punishment of flogging for public intoxication and traffickers
  • Punishment of stoning to death for married adulterers
  • Punishments of amputation (hand and leg), crucifixion and execution in serious crimes
  • Punishment of cutting off the hand for the thief
  • Punishment of execution for apostates
  • Possession of slaves is permissible in certain conditions.

Canada, at some point we collectively as a society have to realize that Islam is not a religion, it is a military doctrine, one designed to destroy and not create. How is it that we know what this cult of death is and you don’t? The other question I have for all of you is this: How did you all become so weak that you are willing to simply give your country away without even a though of throwing a single punch in defiance?

Remember this, when you behave like a coward and allow law makers to steal your liberties from you, they are not taking it from you, they are taking it from your children.

Now get out there and fight for your children lest they be slaves to Islam.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator

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