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Oct 3/16: Part 2: Compulsory Political Education: A Real World Case Study at the U of Toronto


In this video I describe why I am opposed to the University of Toronto HR (and Equity) Department’s decision to make “anti-racism and anti-bias” training mandatory for the HR staff. I hope by doing so either to make them drop the requirement entirely or, at minimum, to remove the mandatory element. The former would be preferable.

Note they have not made such training mandatory for the professors.

I also hope to convince people subject to such things to refuse, in writing, and have provided them with arguments in this video that will help them make their case.

An update: the U of T has a new VP of HR. Her name is Kelly Hannah-Moffat. Her email is hannah.moffat@utoronto.ca. Please contact here about the issues in this video. Do so respectfully and carefully. Assume rationality on her part.

Other relevant emails:

President of the University of Toronto Meric Gertler: president@utoronto.ca
Vice President of Human Resources, University of Toronto, Kelly Hannah-Moffat: hannah.moffat@utoronto.ca
Cheryl Regehr: Vice President and Provost: provost@utoronto.ca
Chair of the Department of Psychology, University of Toronto, Susanne Ferber: ferber@psych.utoronto.ca

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  1. It'd be understandable if there had been complaints of lecturers, bosses, etc etc  being outright assholes to people and there were mandatory workshops to adjust the person's sour attitude. Assuming racism or prejudice is behind all structures of society is a total overreaction. If anything, SJW's and BLM almost encourage racism. I mean, they are basically waiting for it! "Those members of Black lives matter are (insert observation or criticism)". OMG, YOU SAID SOMETHING ABOUT A BLACK PERSON! WHAT A RACIST! If people didn't had minority groups before it's almost understandable if you did now.

  2. Why are a small group of women and blacks with bogus degrees in sociology mainly, being allowed to disrupt and adulterate academic scholarship! How can an institution of higher learning just get on with it when so called diversity and inclusion take priority over academic excellence! I can't even begin to imagine the type of "professors" we're going to be left with after they finish forcing out all the lone voices of reason.

  3. Intimidation is a big part I think… I am a self proclaimed Liberal Social Justice Advocate SJA but i am scared to say anything reasonable or balanced because of the vicious attacks I could get from the far left SJWs if I say anything that is not exactly 100% what the SJW is promoting. So in a way the SJW suck reasonable SJA people into their team through intimidation. Making their side look much bigger than it really is. Similar to religions that people espouse their beliefs to because of the social repercussions/stigmas associated with not doing so. SJW saw how this worked so well for religion and are now doing the same thing. SJAs are so scared of being accused of indefensible thought crimes (racism/insensitivity etc etc) and realize once they are accused they are finished (like the Salem Witch Hunts) and the sad part is there are no repercussions or consequences for falsely accusing someone because you can't definitively prove or disprove what thoughts are in your mind. So SJWs just falsely accuse their "adversaries" (who are actually their allies) and there are no consequences! It's a left "feeding frenzy". And the worst part is when people on the "left" are calling other people on the left team racists it feeds right into the far rights hands and makes their "team" look bigger than it is. Giving these far right idiots a false sense of grandeur and making them believe there are more people with similar views as them that in reality are not. So really the SJW are the real reason for this extreme polarization! The far left and far right are in a self perpetuating feeding loop that makes them both happy. SJW are wanting to claim everyone is racist and racists are happy to have anyone join their side… perfect symbiotic relationship. I believe most people generally fall in the middle (Centrists) but since we have a binary party system people are forced to choose one label of Liberal/Dem or conservative/Rep.

  4. The obligatory anti-racism training is similar the TSA confiscating fingernail clippers at airports… if some did sneak a weapon onto a plane the TSA can defend themselves by saying.." look we did everything humanly possible to prevent this… we even took fingernail clippers for Pete's sake" it is all just preemptive defense. So if someone on staff does something "insensitive" the administration can defend itself by saying they did everything they could in advance. Once again SJW bullying and also an over litigious society that the Judges/ruling tribunals side unfairly with the accusers.

  5. These one sided bias favouring the accuser issues exist in the Residential tenancy branch and the Employment Standards Branch. It is true there are landlords and employers that abuse their tenants and employees but these boards just side in most cases with the accuser regardless of the evidence.

  6. I thought I had some well thought out and fairly balanced opinions but Jordan Peterson you sir are on a whole other level! Congrats! Not only are your positions fair and reasonable but your explanations are very eloquent and accurate.

  7. the futility of this exercise is founded in the fact that no matter how correct you are on any or all of your points… all the time and effort you are putting into proving your case and even if you could scientifically prove you were 100% correct on all your points. You will not effect any change until you create a bullet proof defense for the Administrators against the PC/SJW attacks if they are non-compliant with the SJW wishes. I highly doubt the people forced to implement these programs genuinely want to. They obviously know they are being bullied but they are in a Catch 22. They can't even acknowledge they are being bullied they are so scared of the SJW backlash. The cure for this cancer will be to inoculate the SJW wrath… plain and simple… well… not so simple!

  8. And why is it socially acceptable to be able to accuse indiscriminately and with no consequences people of being racists or homophobic or whatever but if you accuse someone of an equally terrible crime like pedophilia the accuser would be held responsible for the accusation. Someone going around and accusing everyone they see with a child of being a pedophile would maybe be taken seriously the first few accusations but eventually people would catch on that they are just accusing people all willy-nilly with no proof..As per the boy who cried wolf. But SJWs have unlimited ability of being able to accuse people of being racists and it never dilutes?

  9. if race is a social construct and those groups that have been labelled as minorities are actually no different from anyone else then why do they need to have equal numbers of them in the workforce, by their own logic that makes no sense.

  10. Whew! So much to absorb here. I find this refreshing. I have not been exposed to this level of discourse for a long time. And it's really difficult to find this perspective when the loudest voices in the last couple of decades have always been the "minority" groups demanding that we conform to their way of thinking. I get the feeling that, left unchecked, this PC movement would progress to the point where, if behavioral modification becomes possible through the use of technology, these people would be constantly reprogramming humans to conform to an ever changing ideal.

    Thank you, Dr. Peterson!

  11. Thank you Prof. Jordan Peterson for exposing the indoctrination of totalitarianism in the education system.
    Keep up that excellent investigational work you doing. Many people out there appreciate it very much.<3

  12. At Queen's, a lot of on-campus volunteer work mandates what the SJWs call anti-oppression training. Same thing, more ridiculous name, implying as it does that only through this training can the volunteers hope to overcome society's wilful oppressive programming.

  13. "Honey, I've been identified by the Minitrue as a candidate for unconscious bias training. I need to report to the Miniluv by 6:00 PM. I am afraid I won't be home for dinner tonight"

  14. Canadian Pit Vipers Needed
    Canada is now on track to become feminized like Sweden and Germany.  Those places are so feminized they have run low on domestic alpha males and need restocking.  

    Having made Fifty Shades of Grey an international best seller women in those places are taking in the worst alpha male pit vipers on the planet for nursing back to health.  By the millions.

    Dead women walking.

  15. In my workplace, I had to take part in a compulsory Diversity Training.
    There I learned the fact that I am a Racist no matter what, without any chance of redemption.
    So I decided just to embrace it and own it. I am still a Racist, but now I am proud of it.
    It couldn't have happened without the help of the compulsory Diversity Training, so maybe I owe them thanks.