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National Gallery Talk: Creativity — and Protest


On March 9, 2017, I was invited to speak at the National Gallery of Canada on creativity. There were protests at the Gallery, a letter-writing campaign, petitions, disparaging commentary in local media outlets, and pressure placed on the National Gallery Staff to cancel the event — which they did not.

See for example: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/jordan-peterson-national-gallery-canada-1.4005615

This video contains footage from the protest, and then a three-minute segment of the discussion between Marc Meyer, Director of the Gallery, and myself. We spoke before an enthusiastic crowd of about 700 for an hour. About 300 people were turned away for lack of space.

The rest of the discussion is at the National Gallery of Canada YouTube site here: http://bit.ly/2oTKCpg

Thanks to Marc his staff (who I won’t name here) for making this happen.

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  1. wtf, check out the full talk, peterson gets put on the spot by the director of the national gallery when he asks jordan if he is creative, what do you guys see in jordan's response?

  2. the full talk was nothing short of amazing. as a "victim of creativity" this really resonates with me.
    thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!

    and those people protesting would be benefiting greatly if they would listen to you for once, lots of sorting is needed there!

  3. Here rhymes with queer, and what rhymes with queer…um here. Here rhymes with queer, and what rhymes with queer…um here. Here rhymes with queer, and what rhymes with queer…um here. Here rhymes with queer, and what rhymes with queer…um here.
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  4. The talk you gave while this dumb protest was happening, might be my favorite ever.
    I for one, am withering on the vine. Commercial art jobs squeeeeeeze until there's nothing left for real art.

  5. The dissonance between this protest's assertions, and the resulting event (watch it here on YouTube) is astounding. It's like these people are from another planet, or are completely insane. It's shameful and sad. NONE of them are free thinkers, skeptics, or have done their homework on Dr. Peterson. They merely have created a victimhood "hobby" for themselves, and they get some kind of self-satisfaction from it. Period. There is nothing more to their ranting.

    Go watch the staggeringly gorgeous and intellectual interview that took place at the event that day. Peterson proves himself time and time again to be an intellectual, wise, and researched juggernaut. These protesters are chip-on-shoulder groupthink drones who cling to self-manufactured demonization that has absolutely nothing to do with the individual they think they are clamping down on. Worse, they don't see it, know it, or realise it. It's a type of blind dogma beyond repair.

    Protestors – you are simply wrong. Suck it up, listen clearer, open your minds, and look in a mirror. Allow me, as a classic liberal, to tell you that you are an embarrassment to our side of the political spectrum. You represent everything wrong by being non-thinkers, non-realists, non-science, and dogmatic… indoctrinated and collectivist, and snowflake weak. You are not liberals. You are far-left extremist cultural marxists… equally as bad as the fundamentalist authoritarian right of the 80's and 90's. So bad actually, that the left is beginning to lose power in the west. The pendulum has swung too far. It's time to say NO. Our side has had a good run for around 2 decades now… winning every social battle… and now that they are all won, we're into fringe territory…. and trying to seek fringe concepts to be legislated into law. THIS is what Peterson is against. As a liberal – I AM TOO. He's not "transphobic" and neither am I. There is NO GENDER "SPECTRUM", or "genderless" either. You are male or female, or if in the very rare case of being trans – you are the other gender opposite to your biological sex (again, male or female).

    We are NOT going to normalise kookery in this country, especially under LAW. If you want to play make-believe or role-play your identity in your imagination (zee, zer, xee, xir, genderless, otherkin, or you 'identify' as a senior citizen when you're really 25) – go for it. Play at home and with your friends… but DO NOT LEGISLATE IT, or expect the real world to conform/contort/play along on the whims of imagination and identity play you come up with.

  6. Such a lame protest yet again from the SJW's, singing a catchy little tune learned at day camp and then infusing it with political propaganda while keeping time with a fork and tin can. The patients are running the asylum.

  7. Jordan talks abstractly to cover for his Christianity. Can someone please ask him why he believes in Jesus? Matthew 27:51-53 says that there was an earthquake and then Jewish zombies walked around and talked to people. The Romans took very good records of thinks as quotidian as the crop yield. Why did no one talk about an earthquake in 33 A.D. and Jewish zombies walking around?

  8. This was so damn interesting and inspiring. To think that some degenerates wanted to prevent this talk from happening says a lot about the road society could be headed down.

  9. When these left radicals say black lives matter this is what they mean. " Black lives matter as long as you believe in exactly what I believe in and let me use your entire race as a political agenda "

  10. Something has to be done about this diet of refined carbohydrates. These girls are too young to be so big. It is not right. This is and example where guidelines and government intervention in the food industry would be a good thing.

  11. These "protesters" Are reaaly having the time of theyr lives. They wnt from being bullied by a group of loudmouths representing jack shit in school. To buulying in a group of loudmouths representing jack shit! Way to go people of progressiveness, it looks like you became what you've hated all along!

  12. I've yet to hear an actual argument from these people, so I really don't know their position. If anyone has link where they're articulating their position, please post it. I will give them a fair hearing and the benefit of the doubt.

  13. It must be strange for Peterson to see himself caricatured in this way. The protesters don't seem to have any knowledge of his views, if they did they'd probably be embarrassed in how completely wrong they are. I mean, they're not just wrong, they're 100% dead wrong. Black lives matter! what the hell has that got to do with Jordan Peterson? They all cut pretty sad figures, like they're neglected children who don't know what it is to be a parents priority.