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Muslims Buying Up Property In Vancouver and Point Roberts, What For?


Thank you to Leslie-Ann Stoffel of TheRealClearIsrael.org for reporting on Tsawwassen and Point Roberts in British Columbia and Washington State. Muslims are buying up Ocean-front property and sailing boats in and out of their private ports.

Where are the Canadian and American Coast Guards??

What is going on in the west? We can only speculate…for now.

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Point Roberts and Tsewassen in British Columbia and Islamic Invasion of Canada's west coast. Interview with Kevin J Johnston and Leslie Ann Stoffil of TheRealClearIsrael.org and FreedomReport.ca


  1. I am the first member of my family whom couldn't afford to stay in British Columbia. My entire family worked at Highland valley copper, my father was the head of the union. if I can't afford to live in my home province (that my family essentially helped build) then neither should these goat fucking Muslims.

  2. Vancouver will never be a Moslem No-Go Zone because the Asian gangs will wipe them off the planet. Criminal activity is the primary source of income for Moslem's & the Asia's are too established to over take Vancouver plus the Asia's are intelligent people, the Moslem's are very low IQ savages.

  3. I speak with people every day about Islam & suggest going to alternative media & refer them to Freedom Report, The Rebel Media & I tell them that there 109 verses in the Quran & Hadith that demands the subjugation & death if they refuse to convert to Islam. That seems to stir their curiosity & hopefully will move him to look & listen.

  4. You Zionist chills know it is not Muslims trying to control Humanity, Muslims have been used as the tool for the divide and conquer for Global Governance, quit bombing them out of there homes for a greater Israel, and the Muslim problem will be resolved.

  5. The nuclear submarine support base at Bangor washington is not far from point roberts……….security at that base should be increased as muslims could easily attack subs in port and the base area………..whidbey island naval air station is also close to point roberts……….bremerton naval base is near the sub base………..all muslims would be deported and stripped of their rights in my country , if i was in charge………round them up and fuck their so called rights……….terrorists have no rights as far as i am concerned………they do not deserve any rights or protection…..

  6. the ones who are disliking this video are liberals. they share his links and tell lies to give a massive dislike so that us people will see it and disagree before watching it.