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Muslim Group Holds Seminar in Mississauga Lying About Burma and Re Writing History


A brief history. Muslims invaded Burma. Muslims raped and murdered Christians in Burma. Muslims raped and murdered Buddhists in Burma. Muslims lit Christian and Buddhist children on fire in Burma.

Some Christians and Buddhists fought back and now Muslims are playing the victim card. Somehow people protecting themselves is Islamophobia.

Muslims came to my hometown of Mississauga to LIE TO THE PUBLIC about the Muslim murder fest in east Asia. I went to hear what they had to say, but since I was WHITE and had a WHITE name, I was not allowed into their show in a public building, and nor was Dave Menzies from TheRebel.Media

Here are facts about Burma and the Muslim invasion:

+ The “Rohingya” does not exist.

+ There is no genocide of Muslims in Rakhine State, Burma. Conflict occurs in the area of Northern Rakhine with a 90% Muslim population.

+ The Rakhine region is NOT the ancestral home for Islamic invaders from Bangladesh.

+ Worldwide mainstream media, or “FAKE” news sources, have launched a campaign against the indigenous people of the Rakhine region to support a Saudi / OIC backed UN agenda.

+ Human smuggling from Bangladesh is widespread across the porous Rakhine border to displace the indigenous Rakhine people.

+ Islamic separatists of Rakhine region incite political and religious violence; they received training in Pakistan.

+ Rakhine women are afraid to enter Muslim NO‐GO zones for the risk of being raped and killed.

+ Desecration of ancient sacred sites, including pagodas, by Muslims is ignored by the mainstream media.

+ Burma is an Islamization target of a Saudi/OIC regime and infamous Islamic terrorist organizations.

Kevin J. Johnston
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Muslim Group Holds Seminar in Mississauga Lying About Burma and Re Writing History


  1. The fucking Muslims are such unbelievable twisted creatures that even if you catch them red-handed they will stand in your face look straight in your eyes and lie, will tell you that the guy you saw wasn't him it was a shadow or somebody looked like him!!!!!! unfucking believable

  2. I keep thinking (hoping) this is all a dream, but then I wake up to reality.    We are screwed if this Islamic mission isn't stopped dead in it's tracks.   Our own government and their agencies are not on our side – that is the real concern.

  3. When the LAST lsland of non-muslims exists…they will invade there too and if the people fight back…muslims will STILL call themselves the ''victims''.         #do your homework    #read the quran

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  5. Kevin, you should sue the Muslim group, the security company and the police force. You had a ticket to enter and they had no grounds to refuse entry. Neither did the security people or the police. You did nothing illegal so the cops had no right to boot you out.

  6. Again we need to organize and create a army paid by the public to fight against the invations in Canada. We have to stop these governments and organize our own security..

  7. Kevin…. this Canadian fella who went to Bangladesh to photograph Rohingas is an idiot.  I was born in Bangladesh… in the city of Chittagong.  This guy knows nothing about the Islamic invasion of the east.  He's full of shit and I'd love to debate him on what he knows and what I know.

  8. White people have not been messed up with imbreeding for 1400 yesrs…Wake up Canada beleif in your own research Kevin has done his so go do yours. Open your eyes before it is to late…..

  9. How are these Moslem pedophiles & Moslem slave butchers allowedTo deny a ticket hold admission to an event? These human excrement should not be allowed Canadian air never mind control our spineless pussy police.

  10. I do know that not so long ago, the only religions that Islam accepted was Islam, Christianity and Judaism, and all the others are not considered real religions, and are considered polytheism, infidels and so on and so forth.