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Muslim Boys Are Selling Islam Door to Door In Caledon, Ontario


The Caledon Enterprise made it clear that Islamic boys groups are going to travel door to door selling Islam to people who don’t want it.

Don’t fall for it. Islam is here to take over Canada, not live in peace with it.

We are in deep trouble if we let Islam take over Peel Region, FIGHT BACK NOW!

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. I hope Canada just like European countries like to hear and see islam everywhere they look, tv, radio, in public, schools, burqinis on beaches, you name it. I hope you like islamization and islam being shoved down your throats by muslims because thats what you're gonna get if you don't do something now.

  2. Islam means Jihad . Anyone tells you differently ,it will be a lie period. Jihad means they do not respect any creature's life and they do not care for our land Canada , This beautiful land that opened its arms with love 2 everyone!!! I am an ex muslim. I care about Canada and all creatures on earth , love 2 all

  3. Kevin, see the videos by David Wood on ISIS, Jihad, Islamic terrorism and also videos of TheMaskedArab. Absorb the points and evidences they provided in case you haven't done already. Many of David Wood's videos are on my channel, but his channel is Acts17Apologetics. Keep up the good work.