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Mississauga ByLaw Corporate Security Threatens Kevin J. Johnston With Fake Crime


We were at the Mississauga Central Library which is connected to Mississauga City Hall. Muslims didn’t want me nor any other white people to listen to there lies about Burma. Muslims in Burma are murdering Christians and Buddhists but they are laying claim that they are the ones who are the victims. We were asked to leave by the Peel Regional Police so we did. The police thanked us for cooperation, we thanked them for being cool and I figured that was the end of it.

After we had left the building and were standing on public property two corporate security guards decided to come down to the sidewalk to speak with us, specifically to demand my identification.

He was trying to say to me that I was impeding his investigation of the violation of a bylaw. As you may or may not know, bylaws are a joke and unless I’m in care and control of an automobile in Ontario, I do not have to hand my identification over to anybody. The last thing I would do is hand my identification over to a security guard who has no Authority in the country of Canada.

These two corporate security guards didn’t know that I have an extensive knowledge of the law and chose to come out to cause problems thinking that they were going to be able to intimidate me. Why do all of you out there think that any of you are capable of threatening me or making me feel fear?

It would be wise for all of you to not put your stupid faces on my camera or I can show the general public just how stupid you really are. What I thought was really rude was that I was being interviewed by TheRebel.Media and this security guard who had no business interrupting my interview chose to interrupt my interview.

Here is the video, and remember never give your name nor your identification to corporate security guards of any City. They have no authority of any kind.

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  1. Kevin can you please do a video on how we Canadians can do a FOIA request and not have to identify yourself or justify why you want the information

  2. Hi Kevin
    You need to hire a Peel cop to protect you against these two pathetic wannabe cops.
    How desperate and inadequate as a man that you have to be to end up in life as a Peel bylaw officer?This is how many of these little dick cop wannabes compensate for their psychological inferiority.Its obvious that the young kid must have tried and failed to become a real cop and this is his ego compensation job at minimum wage.

  3. Kevin try and just back off the coffee and rescue remedy helps with nerves try and find a vitamin company to support your cause and they have a platform in Canada like Alex Jones from Imfo Wars in Austin Texas contact Alex Jones soon and spread the word we need to organize and fight this war around Muslium issues also contact Tommie Robinson in Lutton England you will soon have a entire army strung together so start sewing these people together soon .

  4. Rent-a-cops who are trying to impose their authority on a public sidewalk should get punched in the mouth the second they try to enforce their authority. Freaking halfwits.

  5. Governments only have control of its citizens at gunpoint. Stop listening to government and MAKE them point their guns at you, for when they do that's when they lose all credibility.

  6. Those Buddhist guys are known for their intolerant violent actions….. Wait a minute that's the radical muslims deal. Hahaha! Do they really think they can make us believe that Buddhist war parties are attacking innocent muslims?????

  7. So the public library is private property? And muslim only apartments and muslim only public school cafeteria time for "prayers" not mandated by the Quran. And muslim led public info at the public library deciding who can and cannot enter. Hmmm I guess civilized jihad in Canada is moving along nicely. They are putting bylaw officers in body armor and I noticed also the provincial parks peoples are also donning them.

  8. You are not allowed to film on private property but when you went on the sidewalk he should have left you alone , but he wanted to be an asshole. These traitors are treating you like you're the enemy . These peace officers will see who the enemy of this country is when they are assaulted and their daughters are raped.

  9. The ethnic and religious violence goes both ways. The Muslims kill and are killed, and either way, it has to stop. Saying that the Rohingya people are never the victims doesn't solve anything, because they ARE being killed one way or another, and I don't think anyone can deny that. Now, of course, other ethnic and religious groups are also being killed, but saying that killing the Rohingya solves the problem doesn't solve anything. Do you think the solution is to just wipe them out?

  10. I can't believe what I am seeing on the media. Just like you I grew up in Mississauga . Long before you did. In 1946 my family moved to Cooksville on 1st line which is now Cawthra Rd. I went to Burnhamthorpe School that was on the corner of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe Rd. I went to school with all kinds of immigrants, mostly from Europe ,like Italians,Polish.Russian and other nationalities but we had no problem and they all assimilated into the Canadian way of life. These Muslims will never become Canadians and will only try to change us into a muslim country. I say kill them all .

  11. You are my HERO allong with Tommy Robinson in UK!!!! This is my and many more ppl's HEROS in my country:
    Ingrid&Conrad, Rediceradio, Motgift, Granskning Sverige, Megafonerna, Feministinspektionen all is here on Youtube ☺
    Love from Sweden