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Miles McInnes: F*** White People!


(LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes’ left-wing brother Miles talks about apartheid, and what’s happening now in South Africa. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/miles_mcinnes_f_white_people
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  1. Nelson Mandela was actually a terrorist and the ANC was considered a terrorist organisation because they actively planted bombs on routes used by school buses. These violent crimes were actually encouraged by the ANC (the ruling party here in South Africa). I think the ANC still to this day tell people to carry out these violent crimes against white people

  2. It's actually an historical fact that the Zulus and Xhosa arrived in South Africa after the Cape Colony was founded. The indigenous population were the Bushmen. The others just took over by breeding like flies.

  3. As a white South African male in my mid twenties I have often wondered why the international news, both fake and real, is so silent on this situation. it tears my heart apart to see the rifeness of racism, and corruption, amongst our political "leaders". As whites, those of us who are aware of what is happening live in fear, not because of a lack of capability, but because politicians are stirring the masses up against us. Masses who do not seem to think critically about what is happening. It is ironic, as the majority of white South Africans are not racist, and yet the inference that we are is continually pushed onto us. It is a devastating situation, as so many South Africans, of all races and cultures, want to live in harmony and as one with each other. And want to continue forming the new South Africa, with all of its beauty and diversity. Our only visible internal hope is the DA (Democratic Alliance) party, who seems to embody what the new South Africa was meant to be. My hope is that they will win the next election and set South Africa on a path of healing and unity. The only other optimistic option I see for the white people of our land is to leave the country, because if the DA does not come into power, and South Africa conitues on its current trajectory, the future is much more than bleak for us. What do you do when a very influential politician with a massive following threatens white genocide? And the ruling party is seemingly silent on the matter? I believe the reason our people have made it thus far, as a minority group, is because we are an econimically capable people, and a driving force of the South African economy. (perhaps that is why the international world seems unaware of our plight, and the terror we are facing). But that will not save us if the current situation continues to escalate. We need help. If such powerful political figures can speak of white genocide and of taking away our land, what stops them from doing it?

  4. I wonder what's more important to liberals, the crusade against racist white people or the jihad for modern feminism

    For example, when it comes to a white woman who was raped by a Muslim , do liberals side with the woman or the rapist?

    How do liberals rank grievances

  5. No one can argue that South African Blacks are sub-human. I've been there. I saw graffiti that read "STOP RAPING OUR CHILDREN" and we all know that it wasn't directed at Whites.