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Migrant Crisis: What to Expect in Spring


Lauren Southern of TheRebel.media reports: When the snow melts the refugees will come. New reports are showing that there are millions of migrants just waiting to enter the country, will Europe be able to handle a new wave? MORE:
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  1. Well, whitey loves their low birth rates, whitey loves sending trillions in aid coin although no one else sends it. Whitey loves watching their own people and families suffer…. They love mixing so… Leave them to it. I'm Chinese and I don't much care for white people, considering the fact they have invented practically everything, thanks for the technology. Shame about your race though, they love it.

  2. Get ships ready and send them back or defend yourself. Subsidize them with smaller amounts in their own countries. We have the power to straighten out their dictators and have globalists give reasonable value for their colonial wealth extraction. Use that to modernize their homelands and send them back to do the work. The wild and insane criminals, deal with them accordingly. Why should decent civilized people be preyed upon. Been to Europe? You don't know what chaos, bloodshed, and destruction will ensue if you don't actively deal with it, it is survival, world is littered with the remains of civilizations destroyed by merciless barbarians.

  3. no need to deport just hire a criminal or ex-military christian that they love to killed this animal muslim refugee.followed israel they were sorrounded by muslim country.they dont trust any muslim they know muslim are all traitor.follow trump policy.muslim refugee are traitor.

  4. Europe had its chance but they voted against Geert Wilders and then they voted against Marine le Pen. I've stopped feeling sorry for Europe and now have the same contempt toward them as I do to the bum on the street corner destroying himself.

  5. Research (((The Kalergi Plan for White Genocide))). This forced immigration is a treasonous criminal plot perpetrated by European hating Zionist/Communist Jewish Supremacists who want to genocide the White race, and then enslave the darker races.

    This absurd amount of immigration is no accident; it's purposeful destruction.

  6. Europe is gone. By 2020 Sharia Law in Canada thanks to Trudeau's 2nd term. Canadian Civil War ended after the death of Trudeau. Most of Canada join the USA to protect themselves against the 2nd invasion of Muslims in 2022.

  7. Im starting not to viel sorry for people / voters in many EU countries. People get harassed woman and children get raped and when voting time comes they vote the old party back in to power. .
    If Germany does the same in September >>>> I strongly hope all woman get raped by Muslims and blacks from Africa. ..and a
    great number of Germans men get robbed and if not killed at leased heavily
    buggered up….
    I'm sick and tired to see and hear people complaining about the situation in their countries and in the end vote the very libral or even worse, the same politicians in to power who are responsible for the country's terrible situation in the first place. ..
    I always did say in the past and still today. …If somebody like to commit suicide and not listening to reason >>>let the person do what they want to do. …
    and that goes from now on to Germany or any other country under the EU UMBRELLA. …

  8. They are not refugees, but are the "peacekeepers" of the U.N, a clever Trojan horse to move in their army guised as refugees, while we debate this "refugee" crisis they move their army into position to create Rome"s New World Order. The U.N"s main fighting force are from Islamic countries! Easily fact checked. In America the U.N's equipment seen all over, Hillary would have greatly increased Muslim refugees, pretty clever way to disguise a U.N takeover. #generation x learned to become critical thinkers! I know I'm right, the patterns and trends weave a nefarious tapestry of Islamic, Communist, Black Nobility(Jesuits) working together to form a New World Order, This is what President Trump is up against.

  9. Simply put – the reason for so many people leaving Africa is the tremendous population explosion on that continent, resulting in more people than the land can support. Rocket science it is not.

  10. Absolutely power corrupts.
    western politicians are not immune to this fact people.
    Example Germany 1930s – Hitlers "brown shirts". (look it up)
    You will be a tool to get certain people into power. Once that power is obtained. The power givers start to become obsolete.

  11. SO FUNNY TO SEE LAUREN SOUTHERNS TITS EATEN BY BLACK MEN ! AND WHITE WOMEN GLOBALLY BEING RAPED AND KILLED BY BLACK MEN AND ASIAN MEN ! I AM PURE WHITE COULDNT CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR RA CIAL SUICIDE ! no matter what happens to me,i got my revenge from God aka Karma for White whores not even the Worlds Hottest Women after age 40 ! White whores of my country are so rude and trashy for no reason !
    bye bye White women say hello to the Devil from me by now !

  12. This is incredibly biased and blatantly racist. Western countries have been stealing African resources for years, the US just bombed Syria and has meddled in middle eastern countries in the past. These are global issues with global consequences. If Europeans don't want "strangers" coming into their countries, they shouldn't have colonised half the world then set up neoliberal institutions that only benefit them, leaving the rest of the world to suffer.

  13. Muslims ran away from their own country without fighting for it, enters a
    foreign one and fights. That should be all anyone needs to know about
    the true agenda going on.

  14. Refugees means no women's no kids only strong mans come for the cultures invasion !!! It's a white race christian genocide !!! Look at Sweden !!! Go google Mona Walters n learn what Islam is !!!

  15. and THIS is how you know Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and its extremists do NOT make up a minute amount! the whole REASON these people are fleeing in the FIRST place is to escape those people who have grown in too high of numbers to control, a small, tiny band of goat fuckers are not making tens of thousands and millions flee their country