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Mark Latham: Stop Islamic School Radicalisation — Sign the Petition


SIGN THE PETITION: http://www.JusticeforMrsA.com
Mark Latham of TheRebel.media talks about a teacher under fire for going public about frightening Islamist behavior in schools. Now she’s under attack! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for this brave teacher: http://www.JusticeforMrsA.com
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  1. all the hate on Muslims makes me sick but something has to be done to all the radical ones and potential radicals now. I'm not denying that terrorists are muslims because they are but people saying "kill all muslims" is radical itself.

  2. what would happen to an Aussie student who did the cut throat sign at a teacher? the same needs to happen to these invaders…they claim they're running from violence and then display violence at every turn..the double standards have got to stop…canada just made a murderer wealthy while the indigenous population does without..i am furious that pensions are being threatened and school funding cut to the bone but all of a sudden there's 7 x what a displaced citizen gets for every "immigrant" from the "chosen countries"..i'm for removing politicians wage and pension unless directly earned by fulfilling taxpayers demands..ANY politician telling our police to "stand down" or treat differently a certain race or religious group, that politician needs to be charged with sedition , possibly treason and put in prison with no special treatment for him either!!

  3. Lol. What an irony. The comment section is filled with radical potential Islamophobic terrorists. Lets find out which school they studied and call for a ban of all those schools.

  4. @therebel why oh why did you have to recruit ex-labor bum Latham for your downunder journalism endeavors? Obviously showing a lack of knowledge in Australian politics, the guy was a smarmy bully who did his tutelage of labor, cut his under whitlam, the left equivalent of the democrat 😖 called John Howard (the best prime minister in recent memory) an arselicker amongst other things, and called the liberal party a "conga line of suckholes" which next to Pauline Hanson are the only viable party currently able to save the country. Does he reject his abhorrent past and his red labor background? It's damnable socialist agenda? Does he even have the humility to show how and why labor comes to destroy the country, which he spent much of his career political life in? While his critique of Islam is admirable I can only wonder if this is just slipping on a new skin for his new employers. The man is arrogant and would need proper redpilling via enforced viewings of @freedomainradio for 2 years before I would even begin to change my mind of him. This is a man who under labor govts actively pursued the goals of third world Islamic immigration to stuff their electorates full of low iq votes going to big govt, ie labor.

  5. Hahaha. wow. this is NOT new at all. Its been that way in Punchbowl for a loooong time and frankly it may never change. teachers, if you're faint of heart do not teach anywhere in punchbowl XD. Its not the best choice for a career path.

  6. Good job Mark….this Islamic scum needs to be wiped of the face of the Earth…people educate yourselves read chapters 2 – 9 of the Koran and you will soon learn its not a religion its a cult…Islam will be defeated just learn what the Mongols did to Islam 1400 years ago….this is how you beat Islam and irradicate it…..Wake Up People Australia is not free from this Global Aggenda

  7. Government always gets what it wants. These things going on in all western nations are exactly what their governments want. Why else would they be rendering their own people self defenceless. "Self defence is not a valid reason for owning a firearm in Australia." Mace: Banned. Tazers:Banned. Clubs/baseball bats:banned for self defence. Several types of knives:banned. Fists: if causes death: murder charge… Criminals today will soon realize the paradise they are in and will exploit it – they already are…. Imagine all the new powers government will be able to grant itself with al this going on….. SAD