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London Mayor Sadiq Khan is “soft on terrorism”


Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media and Raheem Kassam of Breitbart London discussed London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s soft reaction to the terrorist attacks in his city. MORE: https://www.therebel.media/ezra_levant_june_7_2017

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  1. Khan is the King of Terrorism, London is now where the Jihads hide, Khan is very happy with London being Londonistan it's swarming with his Muslim brotherhood, the problem is that they BREED LIKE RATS, MUSLIMS have special privileges in our country unlike you and I they don't have to work, if they go to work for 1day then leave they get all their social security money the next day unlike you and I that have to wait about 6 Weeks!!!!!!! and more,( look up MUSLIMS BENEFITS) It will shock the life out of you…. KHAN'S plan is to be Labour PRIMINISTER and THEN….. SHARIA LAW… GOD HELP US.

  2. Remember, he swore an oath on the Quran to be mayor, a book with 109 verses to hate and kill non-believers and followers of Islam. This madness has got to stop!

  3. Khan is a MUSLIM and as such can never be trusted to tell the truth to us kaffirs. But he did say that terror attacks are part of living in a big city. Terror attacks by his own cowardly theology

  4. This twat said its part and parcel living in a big city, ok then so if a terror attack happens again tomorrow in london it doesn't matter it's just part and parcel of living in a big city, if another one happens next month it's the way it goes its part and parcel of living on a big city….you get the jist! Just another load of more garbage that comes out of this clowns mouth! More bullshit to come from khan coming soon….

  5. would really recommend that anyone watching this also checks out some English news sources (telegraph, bbc, independent, guardian, even conservative politicians such as penny mordaunt) before you make up your mind because the views of most people in the UK seem to me to ve completely different from what this video expresses.