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Liberal Party of Canada Threatens Kevin J Johnston with DEATH


MARK ELYAS of Vancouver East and the Liberal Party has chosen to threaten ME, the amazing Kevin J. Johnston…WHY? Becasue I wanted him on my show to talk about his far-left agenda. Kind of an over reaction would you not say?


Mark Elyas

I am not a Muslim. But, whenever someone has used an Islamophobic epithet against me, I never correct them about my faith because I am not going to throw Muslims under the bus for some bigot. I will stand up to them, call them out, and let them know that they are a subhuman bigoted piece of trash. Not throwing Muslims under the bus by correcting bigots on my faith is something that was taught to me by the Sihk community. I am thankful for learning that from them.

In these times, all sorts of bigots have been emboldened to spread their hate by The President of all Bombaclats, and this includes Kevin J Johnston. This is the same Kevin J Johnston that was successfully sued a number of times, including for $2.5 million by the owner of Paramount Restaurants (I love their food) for saying he was a terrorist that funded terrorism, which is completely false. He brags all the time about not paying those judgements against him. Kevin likes to target minorities, especially Muslims, with outright lies that encite hate and a real danger towards those individuals he targets. Well, guess what? Kevin J Johnston has decided to put the same bullseye of lies on my back, and has made me aware that he intends to spread lies that he “heard about me” (he obviously making it up like he has with everyone else) just to mess with my life. He has a huge following of Islamophobic losers and White Supremacists who have and will resort to violence. People who know me and follow me on FB will know whatever he says about me is not true. I have been transparent in my views, including my belief that bigots are subhuman garbage who do not deserve to share the same air we breathe, and this includes Kevin. You all already know what I think.

What I am concerned about is that this motherfucker wants to put my life in danger. These bigots own guns, they make threats, and some of them follow through on those threats. So, if I get murdered, the world will know who is responsible. Avenge my death if it happens. If someone shoots me dead, Kevin J Johnston is responsible. Make sure he pays. If law enforcement doesn’t make him pay, then make him make an equal payment.

Two of us can play this game, Kevin J Johnston. The difference is that I don’t dog whistle to White Supremacists. I have no fear of being straight forward. If I get murdered because of you and you don’t end up in prison for it, someone will murder you in return. I am not a 10 ply leftist like the other people you have threatened and harassed. I am a bad ass Centrist. Think twice before you fuck with me. I will be paying attention, and if you say anything about me I will sue you and be successful like your other victims. The difference is that I will actually collect the money you owe me after the fact. There are ways, and I will exhaust more than every option available to collect.

Kevin J Johnston, you have been warned. If I were you, I’d find someone else less dangerous to fuck with.