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Learn More About Islam with Kevin J Johnston and Guest Eric Brazau, An Islam Specialist Part 4


Why are white Canadians for stupid? Eric Brazau was conversing with a friend on the Toronto Subway about Islam and white Canadians, dumb as they are, told him that he is not allowed to ask questions to Muslims.

White people, mind your own business and understand that your white guilt is unfounded, childish and completely devoid of legitimacy.

Why white people are vicariously offended on behalf of Muhammadans is an answer that I don’t have, but the solution is to simply allow Muslims to simply run amok and rape your daughters. Maybe then you’ll be happy.

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator




  1. Kevin – you need to stop this "white Man" rant. I am not white but fully support you and there are hundreds of thousands who know that the muslim beliefs are racial and evil to the core. The mohammedans are not only against white man but against ANYONE who is not a mohammaden. In India they slaughtered 60 million hindus and forced many to becomes muslims. The bangladesh, pakistanis and afghanis are left overs of these hooligans. They are now sneaking into the west and spread their evil ideology.